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Grocery and Menu Planners

Taking a little time to plan out your meals each week BEFORE you head out to the grocery store will help you save time and money. We've been using these menu planners for over 20 years and they have helped our family save thousands of dollars on food and groceries. They can help you save too!

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More Grocery Tips
Grocery Planners
Menu Planners

More Grocery Tips:

Plan your weekly meals around the items that are on SALE each week instead of just deciding what you want to have; regardless of whether the food is on sale or not. It's easy to do and you really can save a fortune throughout the year. For more tips please read our Save Money on Food and Grocery articles or visit our grocery site at GrocerySavingTips (includes free printable coupons).

Free Grocery Planners:

Print whichever grocery and menu planners you wish to use below. You might want to bookmark this page so it will be easy to find when you need to make more copies. I like to keep my favorite lists and planners in sheet protectors taped to the fridge and use these magnetic dry erase markers. It really helps our family stay organized and save money on meals each week.

Grocery List by the Aisle

Always shop with a list! I also like to recycle legal size envelopes and write my grocery shopping list on the back. Then I place inside whatever printed coupons I want to use for that trip, for that store. I have been doing this since our children were babies, that's more than two decades of recycling envelopes.
Grocery List

Kitchen Pantry List

My complete list of a BETTER stocked pantry.
Pantry List

Grocery Price Log

Save money on groceries by comparing sale prices on grocery items from store to store.
Price Log

Free Menu Planners:

Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner by the Week

Great for entertaining house guests or when the kids are home for summer break.
Print Daily Menu Planner

Dinners by the Week

Plan a week's worth of dinners, including side dishes and dessert.
Print Weekly Menu Planner

Dinners by the Month

Make a more basic plan of dinners to serve throughout the month.
Print Monthly Menu Planner

Dinner Planner for Busy Moms!

If you find weekly and monthly menu planners difficult to keep up with, this dinner planner is for you. It's also the one that I use most often myself! 
Print The Busy Mom's Dinner Planner

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