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Dealing with Debt

We have helped thousands of families learn how to live on a budget and get out of debt. If you are tired of trying to figure out how to handle everything on your own, let us help. Read all about how to manage your money here at Better Budgeting and in our free monthly newsletter, Living a Better Life®. Stay tuned for our next issue!

 Credit Cards and Debt Index 

Topics Include:

College Student Loans
Credit Cards and Interest Rates
Credit Reports and Scores
Get Out of Debt and Stay Out
Home Mortgages and Loans
Free Ebook "Dealing with Debt"

College Student Loans

Don't Let Your Future be Overshadowed by Debt

How to Afford a College Education

How to Get Financial Aid for College

How Much Does a Free T-Shirt Really Cost?

Raising Financial Whiz Kids

Credit Cards and Interest Rates

Balance Transfers and Low Rate Credit Cards

Beware of the Credit Card Slow Boil

Closing Old Credit Card Accounts

5 Steps for Dealing with Holiday Debt

Bankruptcy Breakdown

Bargain Debt Settlements May Put Your Credit Rating in the Basement

Become a Financial Action Figure

Be the Squeaky Wheel

Can Children Inherit Parent's Debts?

Credit Counseling Crackdown by the IRS

Debt Settlement Company Pitfalls

Digging Your Way Out of Debt

Do Credit Card Agencies Ruin Your Credit?

Fight for Your Rights with Debt Collectors

Financially Surviving Divorce

Got the Debt Repayment Blues?

Have You Reached Your Financial Trigger Point?

No Sweat! Get out of Debt!

Pump Up Your Paydays

Save Yourself from the Non-Saving Trend

Saving Grace: How to Start Saving When You're in Debt

The $750 Billion Secret

The Burden of Debt

Home Mortgages and Loans

Beware of Bankers Touting Home Equity Loans

Home Equity Temptation

Housing Boom Goes Bust - ARM Financing

The High Cost of Fast Cash

Understanding the Housing Crisis

When Times are Tough, Beware of Scams that Will Kick You While You're Reaching Out for Help

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Free Ebook

If you are struggling with debt or need some encouragement please be sure to get your copy of our founder's free ebook, Dealing with Debt, it's available as a free gift to all members of BetterBudgeting!

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