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Submission Guidelines

copyright by Michelle Jones
founder of BetterBudgeting

BetterBudgeting members are eligible to submit original Frugal Living, Personal Finance, and Money Saving articles based on their own experience or knowledge to help others.

We also accept articles for Frugal Crafts, DIY Holiday Decorations, and Homemade Gifts... get more info here.

We publish original content only, with the sole purpose of helping our readers save money and live better. We do NOT reprint articles. We retain the right to edit submissions if needed and remove 3rd party links to maintain the integrity of our publication.

Frugal Living and Saving Money Topics

We are looking for informative and helpful articles dealing with all aspects of frugal living and saving money. We have covered the subject of budgeting thoroughly since 2001, with over 100 articles. Think LIVING on a budget, not HOW to budget.

You do not have to be a professional writer or financial expert, just experienced and/or knowledgeable about your topic. All articles submitted will be considered for publication. Please feel free to contribute often, if your articles become popular with our readers we may consider creating a monthly column format for you in the future.

Article Length

Most articles should be 500-800 words in length, however, this is only an ideal range and not a requirement for submission. We've featured many articles over 1000 words.

Payment and Copyrights

All articles must be written and owned by you, original, family-friendly, and unpublished elsewhere. If your article is selected for publishing at BetterBudgeting.org and our monthly ezine, Living a Better Life®, you will receive a return link to your website - for publishing rights - along with our gratitude for contributing to our mission of helping families save money.

By submitting an article to BetterBudgeting.org, you are verifying it is your work and you are the legal copyright holder of such work, and will hold us harmless of any and all copyright disputes or actions which may result because of copyright infringement issues. In other words, please do not submit any work that is not yours.

Author Bio and Links

Published submissions will include a "by Your Name" at the top of the article and a "Copyright by Your Name" at the end. An "Author's Bio" page will also be included once you have been featured more than a few times, and will be linked to from any and all articles of yours that we publish. This has been our standard publishing format since 2001 and enables us to update your contact information easily at any time in the future.


It is good practice to proofread and spellcheck your work one more time; before submitting it to the editor. We reserve the right to edit all submissions for content, spelling, grammar and punctuation if needed, though we strive to keep as much of your article intact as possible. Links to third party sites may be removed if determined unnecessary or at risk for becoming obsolete in the future. By submitting an article, you are authorizing the editor to make these minor revisions if needed.

Contact Us

Article submissions are generally reviewed the 3rd or 4th week of the month for each issue... 

At that time, selected writers (usually 1 per month) will be notified by email. If you submit an article and do not hear back from us it means your article has not been selected for publishing YET, but remains eligible for future issues. Your submission will be placed in our "Hold File" for later review. If you need to withdraw your submission please let us know. If you feel your article was well written and a perfect fit for us, and should not be placed in our "Hold File" (or you just can't wait to hear from us), please feel free to resubmit your article with "Please Reply" or something like that added to the subject line. We receive hundreds of emails each day and this will be a big help. Thank you!

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Submit article to editor@betterbudgeting.org

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