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Your feedback is very important to us! Here's a sample of the letters we receive from our readers each week. Thank you all for your encouraging words and support, GOD BLESS YOU!

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"Thank you so much for the work you do on/with this Ezine! Can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy it! The tips and stories are so helpful. Our money is tight and seems to be getting tighter by the day, but the info learned in your ezine has helped me stretch our dollars! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" - Laurie Jones

"Hi Michelle, Thank you for all the work you do to create such an incredible newsletter. I have shared with so many of my friends and we are loving it!" Kristi

"Your site is a God send for the times. I love the help it provides and the budgeting class you offer. you are a great help and inspiration in such dark times. Keep up the great work." - David Byrns

"I just wanted to say I think your newsletter is GREAT! I subscribe to a lot of newsletters, but this one is the first one that I read entirely. I think the work you are doing is really a NECESSITY in these uncertain times." - Reader

"I absolutely love BetterBudgeting.com!! It's so expensive to live in California, it's enough to make your head spin! You should be hearing from my friends around the country, as well as in Canada. We just can't stop chatting about the website!" - Vicky

"Thank you for the great work you do on your site. Your site has been a favourite of mine for a while, and I am thrilled every month when I get my free Ezine. Your tips are always useful, and many are even relevant to Australian consumers." - Angela

"Thank you for such a great website filled with encouragement and helpful tips. Keep up the great work. God Bless!" Jacquie I.

"Hi. I saw on the Today show a story about saving money at the grocery store. They gave a website. Of course it costs money to join to get the tips. So I "Googled" saving money on groceries. Your site popped up first and I've been looking all over your site for an hour now. I like all the money saving tips!!!! With gas prices so high I want to try and save money somewhere. Thanks Thanks thanks!!" Tracie

"I love your site and I can gladly say my house looks better and we save tons of money with your tips! Thanks!" Ashley

"I have just found your website BetterBudgeting.com and cannot understand why I have not found it sooner. I am always looking for budget planners and worksheets but cannot find any without having to join or pay some fee. Your free budgeting forms are great. Now my husband can see that we spend WAY more than we make. I have just printed your Dealing with Debt and intend to read every page before bed tonight. I have found great frugal gift ideas and much much more. I am going to send this information to everyone I know. Keep up the good work and will let you know how I have put our good information to use digging our way out of debt. Thanks again." Nancy D.

"Thanks, your site is fantastic!!" - John

"Awesome stuff!  I already read the whole book (Dealing with Debt)!!  I'm so happy because my husband and I are FINALLY getting a handle on our finances. We're living off an extremely tight budget and I just paid off one of our credit cards!!!  (It's already cut up.)  We only have one left! Whoo-Hoo!!! Thanks so much for your website!" - Sarah K.

"I really enjoy your ideas and enjoy getting the newsletters each month. Great job!" - Andrina

"I don't want to live paycheck to paycheck anymore. I want to start my journey towards financial security. I am seriously taking your advice, thank you for being concerned with people like us. More power to you and your group. Sincerely," Ivy, from The Philippines

"Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy receiving your newsletter. I learn something new with every issue. Keep up the good work!" - Patricia H.

"WOW! I came across this website looking for recipes that would be less expensive for my family. We have an unusual living arrangement right now. My husband, our five month old son and six year old daughter, my brother, my husband's brother, and every other weekend his two kids (age three and two) all live with me. This puts quite a strain on the monthly budget especially in the grocery department. Before finding this website I was spending about $200-$300 a week on food. And if we ever ate out it went up from there. I used recipes and advice from this site when planning this weeks meals and grocery shopping. I was able to buy everything for everyone to eat for the whole week and walked out of the grocery store only having spent $98! And I know there is room for improvement with that too. I was feeling so overwhelmed with the budget and just felt like crawling under a rock when it came time to go shopping. Now I feel so empowered. Thank you so much, you have saved me a lot!" - Sarah

"Thank you for all the suggestions and good words, you really are a blessing." - Tracy of CA

"I just wanted to write to say how much your website and articles have helped me. Three years ago, I got let go from a company paying a decent salary. While collecting unemployment, I went back to school and changed careers. I now work 2 jobs, one full time in retail, so I can get the benefits, and the other part time in my chosen profession, as a massage therapist. While I live alone, and money is tight, I keep reading your articles and tips and keep on going. I don't give up.  I feel the need to write to you, to say how blessed I feel that you are out there doing such great things helping people like me. I help take people's mental and physical pain away, and you help ease people's minds. In a poor economy, like the one Michigan has now, and the recession the country has had, and with so many people getting laid off, with families, or even individuals like me, I have to say your Betterbudgeting.com site is a real miracle. Thank you so very much. You are a gem, and I hope G-d blesses you daily, and that you get back truckloads of what you put out here. I have to share one more thing with you, when I lost my job in corporate America 4 years ago, I had only $153.50 in cash. I was 30 years old then. Almost 31. Now, after reading your articles every month I have paid off most of my credit card debt, which was $13,000.00 down to $5,500.00 and I have saved $10,000.00 cash and also put some money away for retirement. I only started working full time 9 months ago. I really appreciate all that I have and am very generous with my clients. I offer coupons and free massages upon referrals. So, thank you so very much for helping me. The bible says, if you save one person, you save the world. Please keep going on your path of helping others with your work, and I will continue on my path of healing." - Michelle B. of MI

"I was talking to a lady in the grocery store who was trying to buy for her family for two weeks to save money.  I told her about your site. Thanks for what you do." - Kathy

"This is such a great newsletter and I am looking forward to becoming debt free. God Bless You." - Pamela L.

"I LOVE your website, I have saved a lot of money since I started reading it.  I'm a new homemaker and what I've learned from you has made a HUGE difference in our quality of life.  While my friends are wasting money on 'convenience items,' I'm saving my pennies for more practical things.  I never knew it could be so fun and challenging to get more for my money!  The first month I sat down and planned a budget, I saved us nearly $200 in groceries!  The 2 of us went out to dinner to celebrate and I enjoyed it all that much more knowing that I could AFFORD a $50 meal, and still have $150 in my pocket!!  Thank you for putting quality information out there and helping those of us who need to watch every dime." - Stephanie S. of PA

"Your newsletter is wonderful--informative and chock full of helpful ideas. Keep up the good work!" - Debra-ann

"Hello! I absolutely LOVE this newsletter. It has helped me a lot!" - Stacey T.

"Just read your ezine.  Keep up the good work.  People this logic does work.  Twenty years ago, we got married.  We both came with debt, and were purchasing a modest home together.  Today, our home is paid for, our 2002 Blazer is paid for, no credit card debt, and we have a substantial savings.  This was all through hard work, skimping, and planning.  I still live the frugal life - not because I have to - but because it's now a way of life.  We work hard for our money - why just throw it away when it's not necessary? Keep promoting your ideas - they are gold!" Cheryl K. of Indianapolis, IN

"I was referred to your homemade crafts section and was thrilled to find that you offer sensible recipes and other information as well.  My husband is disabled and we have two children, so we are always watching the budget.  I consider us to be very good at it, but it's nice to check with someone else who may have ideas that we haven't thought of.  I especially love your recipes.  I am always looking for new recipes, and am pleased to find ones that don't call for exotic or expensive ingredients.  I printed several from your site already.  I plan to visit often, and hopefully contribute as well.  Thank you for providing a site that is truly beneficial." - Laurie H.

"Michelle - Thank you so much for sharing this information.  What you have done on your website to help others is more important than you will ever know.  I wonder how many people out there are sleeping nights now thanks to your wonderful advice." - Nancy R. of Naperville, IL

"Thank you for all of the great information.  It makes me feel good that someone has gone through such great lengths to help others." - John L.

"I recently came across your Web site and thought it would be something to check out when I had the time, something we all have too little of. Today I started checking out some things on the site and am like a small child at Christmas, I am so excited. I just got my first issue and am so happy I stopped to check it out.  I live in Iowa and the jobs are few and far between here also, I got laid off from my job of 16 years and boy that hurt. My husband is self employed and I never had a problem with finding a job... I usually had people calling me because someone would refer me. Now it is different story... I know you are doing something - Everything - right with your articles and newsletter. I am a friend for life. Thanks again."  - Sue

"I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your site!! It is so helpful to me, especially being a newlywed and not knowing how to cook." - Kellie

"Hi Michelle - Just wanted to thank you for sharing your life. I just ran across your website. Wow! GREAT Tips. I too have learned many of the lessons that you wrote about in your Debt Free ebook. You did a great job! Easy to read and VERY VERY helpful hints. I have some clients that I am going to forward your site too. Thanks so much for being you!!!" - Sharon

"You'd be amazed at how many sites profess to have "budget" recipes that aren't budget at all, but your recipes are great!" - Anne Marie

"I'm a stay at home mom and we also homeschool our children.  We have been living on my husband's income for several years now and it has been rough.  We have learned how to be frugal but your website has given me even more ideas!  It is so encouraging to know there are other families out there who are who are like minded about making your money stretch.  My kids say their friends don't have to pinch pennies like we do and we wonder how they are able to spend money so freely! But I feel good knowing my kids are learning how to budget and be frugal and this will give them the necessary tools they need to be grow up and be debt free adults.   Thank you so much for your website!" - J.R.

"I am so glad to have found your site, have signed up for the newsletter, and am very excited to be a part of this family.  My husband, like so many today lost his job, without unemployment benefits.  We are struggling to pay our bills and your site is a Godsend... Thank you for helping so many people in this crazy economy, I will be sharing your site with everyone in our addresses book!! God bless you!!" - D.R.

"Thanks for a great, and I do mean GREAT, newsletter!" - Jill P.

"I really love the tips in your newsletter. I subscribe to a few budgeting newsletters, but by far, yours is the most informative and realistic. As a mom of three, your tips are very worthwhile and I feel like I have actually learned something-THANKS!" - Cindy

"What an incredible newsletter!" - Julie of Atlanta, GA

"I just found your website and looked through all the frugal recipes and plan to include many of them in my monthly menus to help cut grocery expenses... Unfortunately, I could have used your site 20 years ago.  If I had started using your site as a resource then, I wouldn't have to scrimp so much today. Thanks so much!" - Sandy

"I have just read your book (Dealing with Debt) and for the first time in years the whole thing makes sense.  I now feel that I can stop the wheel and get off for good!  Thanks!" - D. Yeomans

"Whew! Finally someone who put into words EXACTLY how I feel! I just subscribed to your monthly letter and read your e-book on 'Dealing with Debt, How to get out of debt and stay out.' It's awesome!!" - Teresa

"I just found your site. It is wonderful. You have done a great job putting it together. I have passed it on to everyone I know and I am sure they will love it as well and sign up. Thank you for such a great site. Thanks a million!" - Dawn

"Just a quick note to say that I found your website and newsletter tonight and just wanted to say THANK YOU" - Ray Taylor of Cleveland, Ohio

"I just read my first issue of the Better Budgeting Newsletter. I am so excited to be receiving your newsletter.  Thank you for making Better Budgeting so broad and informative, kudos!"  - Gracemarie G.

"I am a single mother of three kids. I just found your website today, and I just wanted to let you know that your website was literally an answer to my prayers. I had been praying over and over again for financial wisdom and guidance. Thank you so much!" - Triche R.

"I have a stay-at-home wife, 2.5 kids (one on the way), credit card debt, car debt and student loans - all out of fiscal control.  Even with an MBA education and a decent job, I can't force myself to sit down and develop a budget.  It just doesn't interest me.  But just reading your personal story and printing out your free budgeting worksheets and eBook have motivated me.  I have committed myself to sitting at the kitchen table and hammering our finances out once and for all.  I just wanted to say "thank you" for your website. Not only am I impressed, but I am also touched by your generosity." - Hill J. of Dallas, TX

"I am a 72 year old retiree who for 26 years owned Financial Planning Services in Manhattan, Kansas.  I guest lectured at Manhattan Christian College, the Kansas State University Veterinarian Medicine School and gave seminars on Financial Planning for The Young Professional-all at no cost.  I just discovered your web site which I wish that I had available to me in the 70's and 80's.  Congratulations, and I appreciate your effort and sharing of your experiences.  How valuable to others!  God bless your work!" - Don K.

"What a great website. I just found it by typing in Budgeting. My daughter and her husband have chosen to live on one income with two children so I forwarded an article from your site and she loved the site. Now you will encourage this young couple to strive for a debt free life. Being content and live on their income. Thank you for taking the time to encourage us all in this tricky area of our lives." - Royce

"What a fantastic ezine Better Budgeting is. So much information, very well put together and just so easy to navigate!" - P. Dewberry of England

"Just wanted to drop a line saying that I just love your site. I like the down to earth tone it displays that a lot of people truly lose sight of nowadays. I have signed up for your newsletter and have downloaded (and read!) your ebook. Have book marked your site too. Thanks again." - Brian R. of Centerton, Arkansas

"Thank you! I look forward to "managing" what we have better!" - Kathy

"I stumbled across your website while searching for ideas on how to make ends meet. I want to commend you on sharing your experiences and tips on living below one's means. Like you, my husband and I had good jobs until the current economy. I lost my job and to my dismay, discovered that we cannot live within my husband's salary alone, and must find creative ways to live frugally yet being able to enjoy life. Thank you for sharing. God bless!" - SiewJoo

"You are doing an excellent job! Keep up the great work, I know many are benefiting from your experience and hard work!" - Rachel Keller of VA

"Excellent job and great ideas!" - Lee Ellingson, Director of Counseling, CCCS of Central Oklahoma, Inc.

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