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Basic Budgeting for Those Who Hate to Budget - Free Printable Worksheets

Living a Better Life® (from the editor's desk)
by Michelle Jones

This column includes our printer friendly budget worksheets and much more to help you plan a successful budget plan and get out of debt. If you try one budget system and it doesn't quite work for you, try another one. Or, better yet, create your own with our help.

Our budgeting worksheets are located below!

Before we get to our free worksheets please note that our website and monthly Ezine, Living a Better Life®, are filled with thousands of great money-saving tips. Be sure to sign up for your membership if you haven't already and recommend us to your friends. Membership is FREE.

There often seems to be a great number of budgeting and financial planning tools available on the market. Funny how they are constantly coming up with new ones when the solutions are really quite simple and have been around for ages. Learn how to create a budget that works for your family and do it yourself.

If money is tight and this is your first time starting a household budget, if you're trying to get back on track and need some help, or, if you've tried some of those other programs and still find yourself struggling to manage your finances each month, then you are probably also looking for something simple, easy to keep up with, and most of all, free.

If so, BetterBudgeting is the right place to be!

It's NOT Just About Budgeting

In addition to budgeting, SAVING MONEY can also help improve your finances. Without a doubt. That's why we feature thousands of tips to help you save money and stretch your dollars on everything from groceries to family fun. Look for these additional tips in our monthly ezine and our Frugal Living section.

Budgeting Worksheet

Please feel free to use our printer-friendly Basic Budgeting Worksheet (link below) to help you keep track of your monthly expenses and manage your income. I hope you will find this worksheet helpful when planning your household budget, you may even want to print out several copies and share them with your friends and family, or anyone that needs budgeting assistance.

Debt Worksheet

I've also added a Dealing with Debt Worksheet for listing creditors and debts, a Monthly Spending Worksheet for keeping track of your extra expenses each month, and an Annual Budget Worksheet to help you budget for your annual expenses such as taxes, insurance, warranties, school tuition, etc., so that you can afford to pay them as they come due. You will find all the worksheets listed below.

More Worksheets

In addition to the Budgeting and Debt worksheets as I've mentioned above, I've also included several more free worksheets that will help with your household budgeting throughout the year. I've included my Monthly Spending Worksheet and Annual Budget Worksheet. And for the holidays, my Holiday Gift List Worksheet and Holiday Spending Worksheet. I hope you will find these printable worksheets helpful, I worked very hard creating them for you! :o)

FREE Ebook on Getting Out of Debt

When you sign up for our free ezine and become a member of Better Budgeting you will also receive a free copy of my ebook "Dealing with Debt". This ebook will help you learn more about how to pay off your debts quickly and handle creditors on your own. Without using costly third party companies to assist you.

Better Budgeting Class

If you'd like to learn more about how create your own successful budget system without the aid of expensive budget planners and software programs please consider joining us for our next session of The 5-Week Better Budgeting Class (requires small registration fee). I've been teaching my budgeting class since 2005 and always receive the most wonderful feedback from students. It is such a joy watching our readers get back on track year after year!

Here are a few helpful guidelines to help you get started with your new household budget:  

How to Figure Your Monthly Income

If you are paid...

Weekly: Figure 4 paychecks per month. (Use the extra 4 paychecks each year for savings, taxes, Christmas gifts, etc.)

Bi-weekly: Figure 2 paychecks per month. (Same as above, only you'll have 2 larger extra paychecks each year instead of 4 smaller ones.)

Monthly: Figure the entire monthly amount. (You may have to be more diligent to set aside a portion of your income for annual expenses and savings each month - because there will be no extra paychecks throughout the year.)

Fluctuating (Variable) Income: To estimate your monthly income, total your income for the last 12 months and divide that figure by 12. This will give you an estimate of your monthly income for the purpose of budgeting. (You may also need to be diligent in setting money aside whenever more money comes in; saving up for leaner months.)

Total = Surplus

After filling out the Basic Budgeting Worksheet with your monthly income and expenses, you will either have a surplus (money leftover) or a shortage.  A portion of your surplus should be budgeted for savings and yearly expenditures (use our Annual Budget Worksheet for assistance).

Total = Shortage

If your budget reveals a shortage then you need to either lower your expenses or increase your income, or maybe even both.  If that is not possible at this time, work towards the goal of having at least a small monthly surplus as soon as possible, even if it's just $10.

Continue to work diligently on your household budget throughout the coming months to increase that surplus.

I know you can do it!!!

*  *  *

FREE Printable Better Budgeting Worksheets


Basic Budgeting Worksheet

Dealing with Debt Worksheet

Medical Bills Worksheet

Monthly Spending Worksheet

Annual Budget Worksheet

Checking Account Worksheet

College Students:

College Student Budgeting Worksheet


Holiday Gift List Worksheet

Holiday Spending Worksheet

*  *  *

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