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10 Tips To Help Sell Your Home

Guest Article
by Bob Ward

According to Bob Ward, once you have made that fateful decision to place your home on the market, the selling process need not be a daunting project as long as you’re prepared and you have a reputable and competent realtor. Bob offers the following tips...

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1. First impressions do count. Curb appeal is really important. The lawns should be mowed, the bushes trimmed and the exterior paintwork in good order. There is nothing worse than a prospective buyer driving off without setting foot inside the home because the outside just wasn’t appealing.

2. Don’t undertake any major capital projects. Although good quality kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, now is not the time to spend your cash reserves on a major renovation as you are most unlikely to get your money back in the form of a higher selling price.

3. Cosmetic improvements are the order of the day. Make sure that you replace any broken door or cupboard handles, tighten any loose screws, replace any tap washers if necessary and make sure that the home is spotlessly clean.

4. Shed some light on the matter. Replace any burned out light bulbs.

5. Let the sun shine in. Open the curtains, blinds and windows. It’s time to let both light and air into the home. On the other hand if it is bitterly cold ensure that your fire is ablaze or your heater on high.

6. Your realtor will be at the home with a prospective buyer in 15 minutes, what do you do? Don’t go into a cold sweat, just make sure that your pet is outside, there are no dirty dishes in the sink, all clothes have been picked up and the house is clean.

7. Don’t volunteer any information to the prospective buyers unless you absolutely have to. You never know just what a buyer is hoping to hear in the answer to an apparently innocent question. You are paying your realtor to handle matters like this.

8. It’s an ideal time to check out your garden when the prospective buyer is inside the home. No buyer wants the owners breathing down his or her neck when they are inspecting a home. Let your real estate agent point out all those fabulous features which you’re just itching to talk about.

9. There is a difference between aromas and odors. It’s always a good idea to have a pot of coffee on the stove as you just can’t beat that welcoming aroma. The same applies to freshly cut flowers. At the very least give the home a good spray of aerosol to remove any of those unwanted household odors.

10. Don’t let the fact that your home is on the market take charge of your life. All buyers understand that you live in your home and therefore don’t expect that there will never be an item out of place at any time.

These tips won’t guarantee success in selling your home but if the asking price and presentation are reasonable you will be packing your bags in the near future.

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