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What's On Sale in June

Special Series: When Do Things Go On Sale?

What's on sale in June

Jovial June Savings
Nadia Ali

It’s June at last! Throw the windows and doors open and let the sunshine in. It’s the month with the longest day of the year and it’s the most popular month to get married, but what about savings? What makes June jovial?

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Victoria’s Sale

The semi-annual sale at Victoria’s Secret will have you and yours feeling jovial in June. After all, who doesn’t like feeling extra beautiful? Ensure you go to the website to find out further specials and discounts such as their Reward Card and freebies for purchases over a certain amount. For the spring sale purchases over $75 got free umbrellas with a special code. They also offered free shipping and ‘Pink’ signature items.


Did someone say donuts? June 5th is National Donut Day and that can only mean free or specials on everyone’s hard to resist dessert. Check out Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' Donuts, Winn Dixie, Tim Hortons, and your favorite local donut shop for one day specials.

Work it Out (After celebrating National Donut Day!)

Why go to the gym when the sun is shining outside? Because they just slashed their membership fees. The worst time to join the gym is just after Christmas when everyone has made their New Year’s resolution to keep fit, but by the time summer comes around the gyms are clamoring to get people inside so they wage a price war on membership fees.

It’s Tool Time 

Sunday, the 21st, marks Father's Day and you can bet that your local hardware shops will be putting together some great deals for Dads. Look for power tools and home improvement equipment. These things hardly ever go on special so check to see what’s in the toolbox at home and then go shopping for the essentials pliers, wrenches, wire cutters, a hacksaw and anything else the do-it-yourself father would like. Be sure to look through your local newspapers for sales at Lowes, Ace Hardware, Home Depot and Sears.

Father's Day Deals 

Outside of power tools and home improvement equipment, there will be lots of other deals to be had for the father in your life. Check out Amazon for specials deals on DVDs and electronic gifts. Wal-Mart offers personalized gift savings and restaurants will have specials on family dinners.

Take that Fishing Trip

June 6th through the 14th is National Fishing and Boating Week. So, you and yours can go on a little fishing retreat as there will be specials on fishing equipment and you can take advantage of the no fishing license period. Take the kids out on the water and put a fishing rod in their hand. You never know, you may have a wanna-be angler on your hands.

Now you know what to buy in June, hold off on buying your BBQ summer grill and hang on for the slew of back-to-school savings which are coming in the upcoming months.

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Check out our Annual Sale Calendar for more items that may be on sale this month and throughout the year!

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