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How to Make a Bird Bath with Clay Pots

Frugal Crafts and Homemade Gifts (featured column)
by Mary LaPalm

DIY Bird Bath with Clay Pots

This beautiful birdbath is relatively inexpensive to make. I made it out of Terra Cotta Pots. I bought the pots and small saucer for 1.00 each (on sale) and the larger saucer for 7.00. The pretty blue glass beads were left over from my wedding. they were originally purchased from the Dollar store. As for the paints and sealer, I always have those on hand.

*  *  *


4 8-inch Terra Cotta Pots
1 8-inch saucer
1 12-inch saucer
133 glass beads, color of your choice (purchase at dollar store)
White spray paint
E6000 glue
Spray sealer
Paint of your choice, optional


Spray paint all the pots and saucers with white spray paint. You will need to paint 4-5 light layers to avoid any paint run. Let dry thoroughly between coats.

If you would like to paint the checkerboard pattern on the pots, now is the time to do so. I chose to use blue paint. You will need to arrange the pots to look like the birdbath so you will be able to get your lines right.

The 8-inch saucer goes on the bottom. Next, the top of the pot goes on top of the saucer, 2nd pot bottom down to that pot, 3rd pot top down to pot, 4th pot top up, then 12-inch saucer on top. I made a straight line on the pots where I wanted to paint the checkerboard that was a 1/2-inch wide. The squares were 1/2-inch wide all around. Paint every other square. Let dry. Paint along the edge with the same color of the large saucer. Please see my pictures above and below for reference.

Paint checkerboard design on pots

When paint is dry, start to glue pots together, as explained above. Do not add the large saucer until the beads are all on the base. Let glue dry for 24 hours.

Next, add the beads. Lay your bird bath down on its side. Glue 4 to 5 beads, let dry. Glue 4 to 5 more beads let dry and so on. If you don’t add the beads in shifts they will slide all over. Glue the beads on the edge of the large saucer, let dry. When all beads are glued in place, glue the large saucer on top. Let dry. Paint with 4 coats of spray sealer. Let dry thoroughly between coats.

Enjoy your beautiful new bird bath!

* * *

Copyright © 2015 by Mary LaPalm. All rights reserved.

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