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What's On Sale in September

Special Series: When Do Things Go On Sale?

Super September Savings
by Nadia Ali

Don't go running indoors yet! It’s still summer at least until September 23rd, according to daylight savings time. There are bright days ahead for late night shopping, plus with the Labor Day holiday (1st Monday in September), you can guarantee that there will be sidewalk sales, promotions, and end of season clearances as we get ready for Fall.

* * *

Back to School Supplies

September is the time of year for the final clearance of all back-to-school merchandise. You know what I am talking about – the crayon, pen, and pencil packs for less than a dollar, preschool and grade school copybooks going by the dozen, and all bits and pieces of stationery at ridiculously low prices. You can expect to find a generous 25-75% off school supplies, so stock up while the going price is great!


Back-to-school is a good time to upgrade or buy a new computer. Look out for bundles which can include goodies such as laptop bag/sleeve, a wireless mouse, flash drive, free shipping and other accessories to sweeten the deal.

iPhone Upgrades

September is the month that new model iPhone’s are released. Techies are already speculating about the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. Discussions are heating up about the new specs, features and release dates in order to secure a place in the line outside the shop to get their hands on the latest models. But, what this means for you is what was considered a new model to date is about to be old stock, so retailers will be putting together promotions to entice you to buy. Also, the lure to trade-in your old model for a new one is always hard to resist, so weigh up the pros and cons.

Online Deals

To get the best online deals just type in Labor Day sales, it will lead you to a plethora of sites that are already advertising discounts, promotions and coupons ready for the taking. Many have accompanying codes to jot down to unlock the deals. Also, type in Labor Day printable coupons and choose the ones that interest you.

National Freebies

National Cheeseburger Day - September 19th is the day for burger lovers to head down to their favourite burger joint for coupons, discounts, and burger deals.

Free Doughnuts for Pirates - September 19th is ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ and if you dress up like a pirate and go to a participating Krispy Kreme and say something in pirate talk you'll get yourself a free doughnut. But wait! If you dress in a full outfit and talk like a pirate you will get a dozen doughnuts for FREE!

Free Coffee - September 29th is National Coffee Day which translates to savings and great steaming deals for you. Check out these participating stores.

Dunkin Donuts - you will need to download their app and show them the ad to get a free small iced or hot coffee.

Starbucks - get free samples.

Krispy Kreme - get a free 12oz coffee with no purchase necessary, just pop into a participating store near you.

So, get out there and get some super September savings pronto!

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Check out our Annual Sale Calendar for more items that may be on sale this month and throughout the year!

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