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We are a family owned Christian company. From time to time we may briefly share our personal life and faith when writing our columns, free monthly newsletter, and websites. Our mission is to help families save money and live a better life; all families, regardless of religion, race, nationality, family or financial status, or anything else. We respect others' faiths and beliefs (religious and non-religious affiliated), and hope that our readers will also respect and allow us to share ours. Thank you for your support!

Sharing Our Faith

More About Faith Sharing 

A personal message from the editor...

I remember a time when it was not okay to talk about money either.

We have added this page in response to a letter we received from a reader complaining that I (the editor) mentioned my faith in our newsletter. In proportion to the amount of information we share on this site, we probably talk about our faith less than 1% of the time. Well, hopefully more than that, but you get the idea.

This is what I had written in our September 20015 issue, in the personalized section titled Letter from the Editor... "Our new website is coming along great, even better than we could have ever imagined or hoped for. God is so good! We give Him the credit as surely we could not accomplish this all on our own."

The reader wrote to tell me I should not talk about 'my religion' (basically... at my work). Though he called it my religion, what he is actually talking about is my FAITH. There is a difference, or at least I believe there is. My faith in God is my life. Every single day of my life, every hour of my life. I would not be who I am without Him. I would not do the work I do without Him. There would be no newsletter, no BetterBudgeting, without Him.

After 15 years of publishing our FREE monthly newsletter online I am used to people unsubscribing whenever I even mention God. It is sad and heartbreaking, but I accept that. Then, about once a year I get a very upsetting letter like this; scolding me for mentioning Him (again... in our FREE newsletter).

I wish I could tell the world, if you want Christians to be respectful of your religion, or non-religion, or whatever your faith and beliefs are (which many of us do respect), PLEASE be respectful of ours. It's FREEDOM OF RELIGION. Not freedom FROM religion.

As Christians, sharing our faith is part of our 'religion'. To not SHARE our faith, would be to go against our religion.

And besides, not telling people about how AWESOME God is, would be like winning the lottery and not even telling your best friend or family.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts. And thank you again for your support of everything we are trying to do here at BetterBudgeting!!!

Now, let's get back to budgeting!

*  *  *

Want to learn more about growing your Christian faith? Here's a helpful place to start... billygraham.org/grow-your-faith

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