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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Sculpey Snowflakes

Submitted by Valerie Benko of Pennsylvania 

Sculpey snowflake ornaments

"Sparkly Snowflake"

I was walking across the parking lot at work one snowy day when a single snowflake landed on my glove. For a few seconds, time froze as I peered closely at its perfect crystalline structure. Its icy form sparkled in the noon sun before melting away forever on my warm glove. Inspired, I went to my local craft store to recreate that beautiful snowflake. What I created was a unique ornament that sparkles on my Christmas tree.

Items needed:

Snowflake shaped cookie cutter
1 two-ounce block of white Sculpey soft polymer clay
Clear Glitter Glue
Small craft paintbrush
Rhinestones; 1 big and 5 small (I found mine in the scrapbooking section)
Yarn or ribbon to hang the ornament
A straw
Rolling pin
Wax paper


Line a baking sheet with wax paper and pre-heat your oven to the temperature listed on the package of clay, 275 degrees.

Work the clay in your hands until soft and pliable. Roll out the clay on a sheet of wax paper to 1/16th of an inch thick. 
Cut out a snowflake using the cookie cutter. Use the straw to punch a hole through the top of one of the “arms” of the clay snowflake so it can be hung later. 

Place the clay snowflake onto the wax paper-lined cookie sheet and bake according to the directions on the clay packaging (Approx. 7 minutes for one snowflake).

Remove cookie sheet from oven. Ornament may be warm to the touch. The “arms” of the snowflake tend to bend upwards during baking. Place the ornament upside down between two sheets of wax paper while it is still warm and place a weighted object on top of it, such as a hard cover book. This will press it flat as it cools. Wait about 10 minutes to allow it to cool.

Once the ornament is cool, paint a thick layer of the clear glitter glue on one side of the ornament. While the glue is still wet, carefully apply the small rhinestones to the center of each arm and the large rhinestone to the center.

Once the glue is fully dry, thread the string through the hole for hanging.

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