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Life Lessons from the Changing Seasons

Living a Better Life® (from the editor's desk)
by Michelle Jones

Green grass, fields, tropical foliage, even green palm trees. Living in the sunshine state of Florida means all you ever see is green. All year long. Just summer green. Not that I have anything against the color green, but knowing I lived my entire childhood without seeing the beautiful changing seasons (spring, fall, and winter) in other states, seems a little sad to me.

*  *  *

Even our budget friendly family vacations were usually to the white sandy beaches of the Gulf coast. It's all I knew. The beaches were always beautiful, and of course we appreciated every moment. Yet I still eagerly wanted to know what life was like for people who lived in other places that were not green all year long. I remember wanting to see real SNOW so badly that for several years I even wished to move to North Dakota!

We did not move to North Dakota but my mother and I did finally move a little further north to Atlanta, Georgia. It was the first week of November when we arrived and we were delighted to see our first real AUTUMN. And soon after that, our first real WINTER. Complete with REAL SNOW!

That was many years ago. Since then, I'm happy to report that my husband and I have had the wonderful opportunity to live in many different states and experience many changing seasons together. I remember more than a foot of snow falling on Easter when we were living in Kentucky, the most beautiful fall colors I’ve ever seen in the mountains of Tennessee, hurricane force winds and rain in southern Alabama, the most gorgeous blue skies and mountain snow (different from regular snow!) in Virginia, and more fall colors followed by a LOT of winter ice in North Carolina.

These regular seasonal changes may seem like no big deal to a lot of folks, but for me they definitely made quite an impression.

Looking back on all the seasons we’ve experienced over the years (and all the job transfers that came with them), it would seem that hubby and I would be very accustomed to life’s changes by now. In many ways, I guess we are.

Here are some things the changing seasons have taught us about LIFE:

* Nothing ever stays the same.

* Whether we are prepared or not, the changing season will come.

* Whether we are ready or not, the changing season will go.

* Every season brings with it some form of sadness, and joy.

* Every season brings with it a lesson to learn, if not many.

* We make new friends when the changing season comes.

* We lose friends when the changing season goes.

* Seasons seem to come upon us really fast, sometimes even instantly, without any warning.

* Yet, strangely, seasons sometimes stay a bit too long.

* This is where Faith perseveres. God always has a plan and a purpose.

* Change may not always be easy, but it's a whole lot better than just seeing green your whole life long.

*  To be aware of the seasons changing… is to LIVE.

*  To enjoy and appreciate them… is to live WELL.

Whatever season you’re experiencing in your own life right now (financial or otherwise), may you find peace in the rain,  joy in the sunshine, and may you be blessed to see many more!

*  *  *

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Copyright © 2005 by Michelle Jones. All rights reserved.

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