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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Snow Globe

Submitted by Jessica Dunham of Texas 

Kids snow globe 1

"Kids Snow Globe"

This ornament is one kids of all ages can create and make their own. I have 4 kids the oldest being 5 and the youngest 3 months. Our family tradition is to make ornaments each year. In years past I am normally the one to do the majority of the craft and they add little touches. This is the first ornament we have made that they were able to do all by themselves. Not only is this ornament easy to make it is also very frugal. All items can be found at a local craft store and Dollar Tree.

Supplies Needed:

Glass ball ornaments (Can find at any craft store or discount store.)
Handful of different items to place in the ball (Needs to be small enough to fit through the hole in the top and soft so it doesn’t break/chip the glass when your kids will inevitably shake it. I went to the Dollar Tree and browsed for items that would work.
Examples of items – confetti, glitter, foam shapes, mini colored Styrofoam balls, small flowers.)
Paint for handprints (I just used what I had in my craft supplies)
Sharpie to write the name and year on the front

Kids snow globe 2

To Make:

Separate the different items into separate bowls
Take the top off the glass ball
Have kids put whatever items they would like in their ball
Place top back on the ball
Put paint onto a plate and spread child’s hand in paint (for my 3 month old I used his foot instead of his hand since he likes to chew on his hand)
Place painted hand on the glass ball with fingers spread
Let dry then write name and year with a Sharpie over the handprint

Kids snow globe 3

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