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What's On Sale in November

Special Series: When Do Things Go On Sale?

What's on sale in November

Never-Ending November Savings
by Nadia Ali

November kicks off the mother of shopping sales of the entire year. 133 million bargain hunters are expected to flood the malls for the never-ending deals in the annual Thanksgiving sales which is also known as Black Friday and the big online shopping day known as Cyber Monday. So, whether you are going to battle with the long-lines and frenzied crowds or a quiet keyboard and the internet November promises to be never-ending deals. Ready, steady...GO!

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Coupons Like Crazy 

If you thought your Sunday newspaper weighed a ton during the rest of the year you will definitely need help lifting the one’s being delivered during November. This is the time when the retail shops get a chance to entice you to shop at their stores with appealing discounts in preparation for Thanksgiving.

Turkey Time

What would Thanksgiving be without a turkey? Retailers drop prices and offer incentives to get you to buy their turkey. One year, a popular turkey brand gave away a plush turkey toy with every turkey bought. Don’t buy your turkey early as it is a fact that frozen whole-turkey prices drop significantly every November.


November is the month for that family sit down dinner and guess what goes on sale – cookware! It’s actually the biggest month for cookware discounts because everyone is out to impress with their dining settings. So, go update yours and enjoy the compliments that will follow.


If you have a need for a new appliance, fall is said to have the best prices. You will find huge discounts and incentives to buy and replace your old microwave, fridge, range, etc.


Candy goes on sale from November 1st - of course most are Halloween related from eyeball bubble gum to all of those pumpkin spice flavored goodies.


Look out for those last minute clearance sales to make room for new models and toys for Christmas.

Veteran’s Day (November 11th)

Rewards are abundant for veterans, active servicemembers and military families. There are numerous retail offers, free meals from food outlets and online promotional code and coupons available.

Black Friday (November 27th)

It’s a day when shops around the country slash prices on all types of goods from desktop, laptops, TV, electronics, toys, food, clothing to home and garden. Some people line up for the ‘door busters’ which are limited items available in-store only on the first day of the sale when the doors open.

Cyber Monday (November 30th)

It’s a time when shopping explodes on the internet and caters to those who shop online. Everything is available just by surfing on the internet.


- Amazon sold 5.5million products at a rate of 64 items per second on Black Friday last year.

- The National Retail Federation (NRF) says in 2014, the average shopper spent $380.95 over the Black Friday weekend.

- In 2014, approximately 46 million turkeys were eaten for Thanksgiving.

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Check out our Annual Sale Calendar for more items that may be on sale this month and throughout the year!

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