Better Budgeting: 10th Annual Homemade Christmas Ornaments Contest

10th Annual Homemade Christmas Ornaments Contest

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We're delighted to announce our 10th Annual Homemade Christmas Ornaments Contest! Please take a moment to submit your homemade ornaments after reading our submission guidelines below. (Deadline to enter 1/31/17)

Enter today for your chance to win one of our cash prizes:

1st Place - $100, 2nd Place - $50, 3rd Place - $25

Submission Guidelines

Please include the following information with your ornament submission:

1. Title for your ornament. Be creative! :o)

2. Include at least one clear photo in .jpg format, 3-4 photos maximum please. Many of our readers like to include photos of the craft process and this is wonderful but not required.

3. Tell us briefly why your ornament is special or unique.

4. Please explain in good detail HOW we can make the ornament at home, keep in mind not all of us may be as crafty as you so we need good direction!

5. If there are any supplies that are difficult to find at local stores please include this information so we will be able to locate them, such as items that have to be purchased at specialty stores or online.

6. Add any additional information you'd like to include about your ornament.

7. Include your name and state/country; the way you would like us to publish it... we generally list first and last name, or first name and last initial if requested, with state or country. (We generally do not list hometowns to protect your privacy.)

ALL submissions will be considered and may be published at and in our monthly ezine, Living a Better Life®


Send your ornaments to

(limit of 3 submissions per person please)

Thank you for participating in our annual contests!

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