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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Santa's Reindeer

Submitted by L. Bryant of Georgia

Santa's Reindeer Ornament 1

"Santa's Reindeer"

I fell in love with this ornament when my kids were much younger. The kids all got together and made all of Santa's reindeers as a surprise for my Christmas present. Each reindeer has a very "unique" personality. I look forward to putting them out each year. They are a reminder of Christmas past and make me smile every time I see them.

Time to construct, about 20 minutes.

Materials per reindeer:  

4 solid wood clothespins per reindeer
hot glue
red pom balls for the noses
jiggly eyes ( if you want them)
brown and/or white pom balls for the tails
brown colored pipe cleaners
tool to cut the legs off clothespins (clippers, small coping saw, or sharp knife)
black sharpie marker
ribbon, bells or other small decorations for reindeers  (this is open for creativity)


1. Cut the legs off one clothespin.

2. Glue the cut clothespin between two regular clothespins. Make certain the cut side and the clothespins legs all point in the same direction. This will make the body.

3. Glue the 4th clothespin in the opposite direction of the legs. This will be the face and antler side.

4. Glue the tail pom on.

5. Glue on the red nose pom  and the giggly eyes.

6. Wrap the brown pipe cleaners around the clothespin legs that are antlers to add more spikes.

7. Use sharpie marker on the hoof areas of the feet (decorate to your own taste).

8. Allow the glue to dry for several hours before using on the tree.


Santa's Reindeer Ornament 2

Santa's Reindeer Ornament 3

Santa's Reindeer Ornament 4

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