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Frugal Crafts: Country Inspired Fall Wreath

by Benetta Strydom for BetterBudgeting

Make this country fall wreath with sunflowers

Get your inspiration from the countryside and celebrate the abundance seen during fall’s harvest time. Make a beautiful wreath to decorate your front porch and remind your guests that fall is a time to show gratitude for nature’s prosperity.

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grapevine twig ring with a diameter of 9”
roll of jute twine
20” of rustic natural jute ribbon, 1.4” wide
7” of thick golden twine
piece of cream lace with a width of 2.6”
9 medium sized yellow skeleton leaves, each leave about 4” long
red felt sunflower, approximately 2,2” in diameter
6 red faux raspberries on wire stems
4 yellow paper sunflowers on wire stems
8 small green paper leaves on wire stems
3 gold satin roses with a diameter of 1.4”
6 red oval shaped glass beads
standard scissors
long-nosed pliers
hot glue gun and glue sticks

Instructions for making the project:

wreath covered with jute twine

1. Cover the twig ring with the jute twine: Add a drop of hot glue with the hot glue gun at the back of the twig ring and glue the one end of the jute twine in place. Wrap the twine tightly around the ring until the whole ring has been covered with twine. Cut off any remaining twine and glue the second end of the twine in place at the back of the ring.

hot glue three strips of lace around the twig ring

2. Hot glue three strips of lace around the twig ring, as shown above.

3. Make a loop with the thick golden twine and hot glue it to the top of the wreath.

glue the golden twine and jute ribbon bow in place

4. Make a bow with the jute ribbon and neatly cut the ends of the bow. Hot glue it to the top of the wreath.

5. Hot glue the skeleton leaves to the bottom of the wreath.

6. Use the pliers to cut off the wire stems from the sunflowers, leaves and raspberries.

7. Make an arrangement with the felt sunflower; the raspberries, the paper sunflowers, the paper leaves, the satin roses and the oval beads. Use hot glue to secure everything to the ring.

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