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Frugal Crafts: St. Patrick's Day "Irish Pot of Gold"

by Michelle Jones

St. Patrick's Day Irish Pot of Gold - Frugal Crafts at BetterBudgeting

These adorable clay pot crafts filled with gold treasure for St. Patrick's Day are so easy to make. Would be wonderful for St. Patty's Day party or a school class project!

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We made ours this weekend and had a fun time with the kids. Everyone made their own rainbow handle so they all came out a little different. Kids are so creative and talented, you just have to give them the supplies and let their sweet imaginations do the rest.

Items needed:

1 small clay flower pot (per gift), or you can recycle empty plastic containers, milk cartons or glass jars
Gold or Black craft paint (or you could use gold foil wrapping paper leftover from Christmas, or aluminum foil for a silver pot--or anything you have on hand to decorate your "Pot of Gold")
Pipe cleaners, regular and glitter, various colors
Gold wrapped chocolate coins and anything else "treasure like," we used bags of Gold Mine gum which is yellow in color and something we never buy during the rest of the year; a fun treat
Craft glue or low-heat glue gun


Line work table with paper to make painting and gluing worry-free!

photo 2 - clay pots

Paint or cover each "Pot of Gold" clay pot with gold paint or material of choice. We used two coats of paint, and also painted the inside of the pots so they will still look nice when the "Treasure" is all gone. Let dry for about 15-30 minutes; while you're working with the pipe cleaners.

photo 3 - pipe cleaners

Twist pipe cleaners together to form rainbows, or green and gold handles. Glue the ends of the twisted pipe cleaner to each side of the pot, forming a curved handle. (Note: Rainbow handles are for decoration, not carrying.)

photo 4 - Irish decorations

Add St. Patty's Day decorations, 3-leaf clovers, or anything else Irish, green or lucky to the outside of the painted pot. (Hint: Place a small amount of craft glue on paper area, then gently dip decorations in glue to cover just the back and place on painted pots.  Green or gold ribbons can also be used, as well as holiday garland or more pipe cleaners.

After all the decorating is done, fill each pot with gold chocolate coins and any other treasure that will fit. Our gold coins did not fill up the entire pot, so we cushioned them with a bit of crumpled up craft paper. Worked like magic!

Here are the four different pots the girls and I made; each one with it's own beautiful creativity:

photo 5

photo 6

photo 7

photo 8

We're using ours for our holiday table centerpiece, until we give them out to the children on St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day Irish Pot of Gold - Frugal Craft Ideas at BetterBudgeting

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