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Frugal Crafts: How to Make Easter Baskets Out of Recycled Drinking Straws

by Mary Hanson

Frugal Crafts at BetterBudgeting: Easter Baskets with Recycled Drinking Straws

What a fun craft project for recycling that box of plastic straws in your kitchen drawer. When finished, these cute Easter baskets can be given as holiday gifts or used for a table centerpiece.

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Materials needed:

Plastic drinking straws (I used 39)
Hot glue
Small Piece of duct tape
Small piece of cardboard
Ribbon (enough to make a bow)
Easter grass
10 miniature Easter eggs
Decorative plate


This basket can be made for only $1-$2. I had all the items in my house so it cost me pennies to make. The centerpiece plate and miniature eggs were purchased a couple of summers ago for about .50 cents total. If you don’t have the items around your house, the straws, plate and eggs can be purchased at the dollar store.

To make the bottom of the basket...

I made a circle on cardboard by tracing a glass (mine was about 3 inches wide). You can make it bigger or smaller depending on what size you would like. Set the bottom circle aside until you are done with your braid.

To make the braid...

I took 3 straws and used a small piece of duct tape and taped them to the edge of a table. I began by braiding the straws. As I got close to the end I added 3 more straws. I stuck the straw end into the end of each of the braided straws. (You may have to smash the end or try to fold it to get it inside the other straw.) I continued to braid the straws. If any ends come out I put a drop of glue on it so it would stay together. As you get to the end of the straws you keep adding 3 more straws until you have a long braid of straws. I used 11 sets of 3 for a total of 33 straws.

Easter baskets made with recycled drinking straws

To make the basket...

I began by gluing the braid to the edge of the circle of cardboard. For the second row continue to glue the braid to the first row. When you glue the braid to the first row, glue it so that the opening is a little bigger. Continue with each row, making sure that your opening is a little larger than the bottom row. This makes the basket form. When you get to the end, I just glued the end pieces to the previous row.

To make the handle...

Make the braid the same but use only 2 sets of 3 straws. I then glued it to the side of the basket and the other side to the end pieces.

To finish Easter basket...

I added a ribbon at the top, added Easter grass in the basket and placed small egg decorations inside.

To make table centerpiece...

I put the basket on a decorative plate and added more Easter grass and eggs around it.

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