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How to Get Free Movie Tickets

by Esperanza Dodge

My family loves being able to spend quality time together enjoying a movie as a family. But movies can be expensive, especially in the theater. Luckily, I’ve found a cool way to see movies for free or at least at a discount!

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Free Movie Screenings

Basically, you get to see movies before they come out to the public. These are pre-screenings that let audiences watch the movies ahead of time, and in the theater. Sign up for Gofobo and they’ll email you when there’s an opportunity to watch a movie for FREE at your local theater. Note, because this is a special preview, they sometimes do not let people take cell phones into the theater as to not record the movie, thus releasing it before it actually comes out.

Also, if the theater is filled by the time you get there, I notice that the movie theater will let you redeem the passes for another movie. Pretty cool. I’ve done this several times and I always get a pass for two people. Their partners, Warner Bros Screenings, does the same promotions. Just a FYI, once you get the email for a free movie screening, sign up FAST! The tickets are scooped up fairly quickly, especially if they’re popular ones like Disney or Pixar movies. Many times the tickets are good for a Tuesday, which is a pretty unpopular day. But if you have the evening free, it’s perfect for you.

Tuesday Deals

On Tuesdays at Regal Cinemas theaters, you can see movies at a discount and get concession stand items at a discount too. Each theater is different, but you can search for your state's promotion on their website. For example, in my home state, on Tuesdays you can see a movie for $6 and get popcorn half off. This is a pretty good deal for those times you really want to see a movie but don’t want to pay full price for it. Don’t forget to sign up for their regal rewards card for more deals and promotions.

First Movie of the Day

Going in for the early bird special, you can see a movie for cheap; only $5 at Century Theaters if you go for the first viewing of the day. In the summer I saw they also had $5 days on Tuesdays, but not sure if this is year round. If you download their app and make it "sleep" during the movie, you’ll earn coupons for the concession stand.

Summer Movies for Kids

You can see select kid movies for $0.50 or $1.00 at theaters in Regal, Century and Cinemax theaters.


For those of you who like seeing movies at home, sign up for Redbox texts on the bottom of the Redbox home page. They send out weekly, if not more, coupon codes that you can redeem for free movies, buy one get one free movies, movies for only $0.75 and other various promotions. Sometimes they do daily giveaways and you get a different code each day if you play their promo games when they come out.

Amazon Prime Movies

Now this deal is only for those who are Amazon Prime members and purchase items from Amazon. Regularly, at checkout, Amazon will give you the option to ship your item to you at "no rush"- meaning a few extra days - and they’ll give you a $1 digital credit to your account. These are so awesome because if you accumulate at least two of these, I’ve seen many movies on there to rent for only $1.99! And don’t forget that members have access to many free movies as it is anyway. If you're not a member yet you can get a free 30-day trial here.


So this one isn’t as reliable but can be pretty cool. I’ve noticed Juicy Juice has regular sweepstakes where you can enter to win movie tickets. You can play these daily and do not need a purchase code, just look for the tiny writing on the bottom that says "play without a code". I’ve noticed when I play these daily I win about once a week. It’s a child’s ticket worth up to $7.50 and although they indicate it's for that particular movie they’re promoting, if you read the fine print, it says for any movie, and expires over a year from the date you win. I’ve also seen promotions with M&M’s a few times to either text to win movie tickets or buy a packet and enter the code to redeem for free movie passes.

Basically, you never know which movie ticket sweepstakes are out, but one good way is to go to the About sweepstakes page and search for movie tickets to see what sweepstakes are currently going on. I’ve gotten many free tickets this way.

I hope these tips help you have a fun and free or cheap movie night with your family!

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