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Job Seeking in 2021: How to Find a Job During the Pandemic

 How to Find a New Job During the Pandemic

Submitted by David Jones

Amidst modern technology and the effects of the pandemic, job hunting looks quite different in 2021 than it did before COVID. No one knows exactly when the pandemic will end and how companies will rebound from this difficult time. Yet, it is still possible to find a new job even if you are currently quarantining or self-isolating at home.

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Some companies will remain remote only, as they have fully transferred to that type of work, while others will attempt to return to normal office life (if they haven’t already). The most important thing for job seekers to know is what industries are seeing a rise in the deficit between qualified workers and open positions, where to find open positions in those industries, and finally, how to land the job.

Most companies have adapted to the virtual world with automated recruiting, video interviews, and remote positions. The technology and healthcare industries saw a massive boom in 2020 and will likely continue into 2021, while many other industries have suffered. In addition to this, temporary and contract work is predicted to see a rise moving forward due to the unknown nature of our economy. You can find more information on these trends online and through your local media.

Many job searching sites such as LinkedIn and Indeed provide you with data that can help you find a job in a particular industry, location, or job title. Many companies have completely transferred their job postings to these websites, so it is critical that you take advantage of them. Make sure your resume is up to the standard of your industry and then start applying! Identify the industry that you are interested in working in and then do the appropriate research and take the steps to find your job.

The market has become increasingly competitive, and newly unemployed people might not have the appropriate qualifications to compete. There are local Workforce Development Boards (WDB) across the United States that are dedicated to helping the unemployed in their area. These non-profit organizations are put in place to help under-employed and under-skilled individuals find access to the education and training they need to find a fulfilling long-term job. WDBs are funded by local government and run many programs to help bolster the local economy by connecting unemployed individuals with the resources they need to compete in the job market.

While the economy has tanked and many people are newly unemployed, there is still hope. Take advantage of the resources available to you and go find that job!


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