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First, to determine if this 5-week budgeting class is for YOU, answer the following questions:

Do you need help beyond all the information and resources we already provide on the BetterBudgeting website and in our free monthly ezine? 

Are you having trouble getting started with budgeting and need more direction? 

Would you like to learn how to create a personalized budget that REALLY works for you? 

How about a budget that is FREE to maintain each year and will never require any renewal or upgrade fees? (Our favorite part!) 

Have you tried other budget plans or money management programs but just couldn't seem to stick with them?

Would it help if we could guide you through the process, STEP BY STEP, in a just few weeks time? 

And, what if we helped you even further by letting you fit the weekly class lessons into YOUR busy schedule however you need to, day or night, and work on them at your own pace?

If you answered YES to any or all of the above questions we'd like to invite you to sign up for our next session! 

It's time to get your finances BACK ON TRACK and we're here to help. Please consider these two very important facts about budgeting:

Fact #1

There is no budget plan on the planet that works for EVERYONE.

That's why we created this class. We will teach you how to create your own budget. One that works for you. Our founder, Michelle Jones, is an expert in this field and has helped thousands of families learn how to budget and manage their money better. The purpose of this class is not just to give you a sample of her own easy to use budgeting system, but to teach you the basic fundamentals of budgeting and saving money.

Fact #2

It takes time to create a SUCCESSFUL budget.

The more time you put in the more you're going to get in return. Most financial problems cannot be fixed overnight. You are not alone in this battle. We can provide the information and resources you need to set up a successful budget as well as the motivation to keep it running smoothly for the rest of your wonderful years. However, it's also going to take some time and commitment on your part to do the work.

Class Information

Our class sessions are offered throughout the year as an extra option for our members. The class is conducted by e-mail so that time and travel will not be an issue. Students are encouraged to work through each of the 5 week's lessons on their own schedule and to ask questions as needed throughout the course. (You can put as much or as little time as you want into each week's lesson, but the more you put into it the more you will get out of it... at least several hours per week would be great.)

Each year we work diligently to provide plenty of free information on our website to help you set up a budget and save money on just about everything you can save money on. If you truly need additional help with budgeting we hope you will consider taking our Better Budgeting class. It is never too late to get help.  

This is a GREAT class that has been life changing for many of our members!

The Better Budgeting Class Includes:

* 5 weeks of personal budgeting instruction from Better Budgeting founder, Michelle Jones

* Class lessons are delivered each Monday in PDF format by e-mail to registered class members.

* Private Q&A with the editor is available for every registered student by email at any time during (and after) the class.

* Printable worksheets for preparing your budget and paying off debts quickly.

* A sample of Michelle's own easy budgeting system to get you started.

Course Outline

Week One: Getting Started - How to Create a Budget that Works for You

Week Two: A Simple Budgeting Plan for Those Who Hate to Budget

Week Three: How to Make Your Budget Work & Paying Off Debts

Week Four: A Better Way to Live - Learning the Frugal Art of Living Better on Less (Housing, Cars and Food)

Week Five: A Better Way to Live - Learning the Frugal Art of Living Better on Less! continued... (Medical Bills and Healthcare, Tuition and Financial Aid, Childcare, Pets, Entertainment, Clothing, Holidays, Gifts, Saving and More) 

Ready to get your finances in order and learn more about budgeting? Register today!

Class Overview - More Class InfoRegister Online

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