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Student Feedback for Better Budgeting Class

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Thank you to all of our students who take the time to write in with such wonderful recommendations for our Better Budgeting Class. We are so very proud of you and the progress you have made in managing your finances better. God bless you!

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"I've been enjoying your class very much. I've discovered that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks! Thanks for all the hard work you put into your classes and your newsletter!" - N.H.

"The budget worksheet you helped us create is extremely valuable. It's good to know where the money is going, where to cut back, where to save, etc. And with you requesting we do the assignments weekly, I couldn't procrastinate like I would have with a book. One of your tips has already helped me save over $25 in the last few weeks... so there's a big return on my investment that will only continue. Thanks so much for the course and for all of the work you have put into it." - S.R.

"Your budgeting class helped me to become more consistent with my spending plan and your gentle guidance kept me motivated!!! I am now about to purchase my first home and this would not be possible with careless spending. With costs of things continually rising, it is very hard to save on a low-to-moderate income, but I learned from your Better Budgeting web site to constantly look at ways of spending less. Your devotion to your work is a real blessing! Thank you for all you do for others! " - C.P.

"Your information is extremely important for everyone to know, made me think. Especially the article about things only being __________.  I looked over my budget and found way too many of those! Money is #1 - whether you use it to your advantage or not. I think there are way too many "quick money" places out there, what you are doing is great - keep up the good work! Thanks for all of your help, ideas and encouragement! - H.C.

"I thought the class was great, and spaced out so that I had plenty of time to complete each class. I was afraid I would not do it, but it was so easy and well explained, anyone should be able to do it! I would recommend this class for anyone who needs help with starting a budget." S.M.

"I've saved my weekly lessons and have a budget folder now. May God bless all you do in trying to help families function better financially!" - M.D.

"This class was very good. It opened my eyes to how much we were spending, I need to__________.  You should continue teaching this class. Most Americans barely save for retirement much less plan a budget. I see how most folks shop at the stores. Most don't use coupons and they buy junk that they don't need. Offering to educate people is never a bad thing, and your price is right. I enjoyed the class. I would encourage any of my friends to sign up. By completing the assignments it shows you where you need to work on your budget. Everybody has different issues."  - J.B.

"I enjoyed the class, it's a great class! I have read lots of books and still learned from your budgeting class. When you set up a budget you can actually see where the money is going. I am a stay at home mom who only works once in a while at a bank and after completing our budget with your help I realized that I need to work some more to meet our goals." - C.G.

"Most of us have been exposed to 'budgeting methods' at some point in our lives. However, many of these so-called methods do not teach the practical aspects of budgeting. Your particular methodology helps associate what is ___________ with "built in" savings opportunities. Thank you! This course presents a practical wholesome and God-honoring way to manage one's finances. I highly recommend it! - K.C.

"I feel you provided plenty of information, it really made us sit down and realize how much money we spend in places that go no where. Scary situation but true! In today's society budget skills are no longer taught. It used to be you learned how to take care of your finances from your parents before you went out into the world on your own. Now, everything is credit and debt and you never learn how to balance life and living together. The service you offer is wonderful! I would recommend this class to anyone who needs to learn basic budgeting skills, it's an eye opener on finances." - C.G.

"I know that there are many people who, just like me, did not receive classes on basic budgeting in school and whose parents thought that family money matters were not to be discussed with the children. This is a class that protects your privacy and shows you how to set up a budget that will work for YOU." - C.S.

"I have just finished your last budgeting class and would like you to know I was a bit skeptical at first about learning any other "budgeting ideas" at my age. However, you have proved me wrong and I can honestly say it's never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. There were several items that I latched onto and will used in my future budgeting. I just wish I had started sooner on these areas. Thank you." K.S.

"Thanks for your lessons. They're excellent!" A.F.

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