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What's on Sale in April

Special Series: When Do Things Go On Sale?

What's on sale in April

Amazing April Savings
by Nadia Ali

The month of April brings warmer weather waving a final goodbye to those winter months and finally opening doors and windows to breathe some fresh air. April is the month when spring clothing goes on sale as retailers get ready for summer and when the taxman comes collecting and retailers give a slew of savings and freebies to commemorate Tax Day. So, get ready for some amazing savings!

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Winter Gear

Oh yes! As if you didn't have enough of winter the stores will be making their last effort to clear that bulky winter stock. The sales are not limited to just clothing. April sales will include winter gear such as snowboards and boots. Look for warehouse clearance sales where you can get as much as 80% off.

Spring and After Easter Sales

New summer clothing lines are already on the way to retailers so they need to clear the last of the remaining spring fashions. Also, grab some amazing deals for kids, women, and men, in the after Easter sales.


As the weather begins to warm up there will be a big demand for athletic shoes so all of those sneakers that have been sitting on the shelves during the winter months (when people opted for boots), need to go!


If you think ahead to the month of May, there’s the huge celebration of Mother's Day which is followed by graduations and then weddings. So nothing much is happening in the jewelry shops during April. If you need to buy jewelry, look for in-store specials and coupons.

Vacuum Cleaners

Spring cleaning is in the air so manufacturers release new models of their vacuum cleaners just in time for you to snag a deal. Last year’s models continue to get reduced to make way for the 2015 models making their way to a showroom next to you for June. Look for the type you want such as the upright, stick type or who knows maybe you can even get yourself an automated robot vacuum!

Tax Day Savings (April 15th)

Look for FREEBIES for Tax Day such as Arby’s free curly fries, Boston Market BOGO free ribs, Cinnabon free Cinnamon Bites, Taco Bell $1.00 specials from 2-5pm. As the date gets closer there will be more advertised specials in the media.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Sometimes, it’s not so much that you need a small appliance it’s just that you’ve had yours forever and it looks a little worse for wear and tear. April is the month to go small appliance shopping. You can finally check out that cordless kettle you’ve been wanting or that fancy food mixer that all the TV cooks have. Thanks to the upcoming months of weddings and graduations small appliances go on sale now, BEFORE the demand pushes up the price. So, take a leisurely stroll and check out something for your kitchen on sale.

Earth Day (April 22nd) 

Go green in April with special savings on organic and natural goods. Some time ago when 'green' products were first introduced the price range was out of many people’s reach but now it’s become part of a mainstream lifestyle. With the added attraction of retailers offering reduced prices, discounts, and two for one deals, try a little wholesome savings for Earth Day.

Shower yourself and your home with something from the Amazing April Savings offered in April.

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Check out our Annual Sale Calendar for more items that may be on sale this month and throughout the year!

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