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What's on Sale in March

Special Series: When Do Things Go On Sale?

What's on sale in March

March Into Savings
by Nadia Ali

It’s the month of March and suddenly gardens everywhere are beginning to peak with spring flowers. The brilliant yellow daffodils, the robust colors of tulips and the green leaves of clover can be seen springing from the ground. This month also plays host to National Frozen Food Day on March 6th; Daylight Savings Time on the 8th, St Patrick's Day celebrations on the 17th and the official day of Spring on the 20th. You can count on savings for the garden, jewelry, luggage deal and some seasonal green food to wet your appetite.

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Seedlings and Plants

Now is the time to buy your spring seedlings and plants from garden shops and even the bigger chain retailers. March is officially the best month to start those veggie seedlings growing indoors so they will be ready to transplant to the ground in April. You can get 50% OFF deals on a variety of seedlings and vegetable plants that come in assortment packs.


With a lull between Valentine’s Day and Mother's Day, jewelry shops will feature hot deals on awesome jewelry to get you their shops. Shop in-store for amazing deals on diamonds, rings, earrings and bracelets at incredible prices.


March is considered an in-between time for the travel industry as well, with most people only now thinking about where to go for the summer holidays. So, luggage prices typically go on sale. It’s a great time to buy luggage sets, laptop bags, backpacks and briefcases, with a wide assortment to choose from.

Frozen Foods

National Frozen Food Month is celebrated on March 6th. It’s a day when we pay homage to that handy frozen dinner in a pack, our beloved frozen vegetables, or our much loved tub of ice cream. This month, look for in-store promotions at your favorite shops that stock frozen food. Including store brands.

St. Patrick's Day

On March 17th, it will be St. Patrick's Day. That means you can look for associated sales, specials, merchandise and free parades to view. Some stores even have what’s called "Green Sales" which just mean deals on goods. Clothing stores also give discounts on selected clothing. Discounts are online too, so you can shop in the comfort of your home and reap the deals.

Green Food Specials

Dunkin’ Donuts usually creates a seasonal menu with a variation of Irish Coffee and peppermint frosted donuts.

Starbucks generally serves a special coffee to celebrate St Patrick's Day. Last year they offered a green "Shamrock Frappuccino."

McDonalds also offers a green "Shamrock Shake".

Burger King gave away free fries and green ketchup one year, maybe they will do it again.

All in all, March is set to hold another month of savings with special servings of green food to celebrate St Patrick's Day!

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