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What's on Sale in February

Special Series: When Do Things Go On Sale?

What's on sale in February

Fabulous February Savings
by Nadia Ali

Just the mere mention of February and suddenly images of red hearts, cherub cupids and romantic love comes to mind. It is, after all, the month of love when all you need to do is be on the receiving end of chocolates, roses and a little something from your Valentine. But unlike other holidays, there are a variety of deals and savings to enjoy as February is also the month of sales for Presidents Day.

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For the month of love what can be better than a bouquet or an arrangement of flowers for your loved one - be it your spouse, family or friend. Although we all know flowers generally go up in price for Valentine’s you can still find bargains. Look for other flowers in season - roses aren’t the only ones that say I love you. Visit a flower market and buy some to make an arrangement yourself. If roses are what you want check places like Walmart, Target and Walgreens for a dozen red roses at less than $20.00.


Who likes chocolate? Or better still who likes chocolates that are half price and less? The after Valentine’s Day sale is a great time to buy chocolate. Some stores offer discounts of up to 70% off.


It’s actually cheaper to buy perfume in February with shops offering bigger discounts and even buy two offers. Just the regular perfume shops at malls have some great Valentines deals on perfumes so you can stock up for occasions throughout the year and not just limit your buying to February.

Older Model Electronics

February is definitely the month to nab those savings on electronics, TV, laptops etc. New models rolled out in January so by the time this month comes around retailers are trying to get rid of last year’s model. The super bowl has already been played but the deals on TV’s continue so keep an eye on those!


Next month new furniture designs hit retails stores so NOW is the time to consider updating your couch set or dining room table, as older lines will be slashed in price. Also, ask if there are any showroom samples that on special.


Krispy Kreme: for each dozen Valentines doughnuts purchased, you get 12 Valentine's Cards, each with a coupon for one free doughnut, small hot chocolate, or small hot coffee.

Chuck e Cheese: free online Valentines cards at chuckecheese.com.

Starbucks: on February 13th feature a special pairings menu the menu will feature a selection of coffee and treat pairings available for $5 (US).

So, when you are in the midst of shopping in February keep an eye out for discounted prices both for Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day. The combination of both will bring you savings that will be dear to your heart.

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Check out our Annual Sale Calendar for more items that may be on sale this month and throughout the year!

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