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Family Life and Frugal Parenting

Parenting can be expensive, sometimes even "broke forevermore" expensive. But don't let this deter you from having children if you desire and are able to have and/or adopt them. They are a wonderful blessing and worth every sacrifice, financial or otherwise. Save money and stay out of the poorhouse with our fun and frugal tips. We know a few things about raising kids on a budget! :o)

Included in this Topic:

First Year to Preschool
School Age
High School to College
Frugal FUN for All Ages
More Tips for Parents

First Year to Preschool

Cloth Diapers and Homemade Diaper Wipes

Are Hand Me Downs Out of Fashion?

High School to College

Budgeting for Students

How to Afford a College Education

How to Get Financial Aid for College

Raising Financial Whiz Kids

College Scholarships - Here are some wonderful sites to look for scholarships that were recommended to us by our local schools. Many applications are due in the spring so if your student is attending college in the fall be sure to get them in on time!





Frugal Fun for All Ages

7 Frugal Fun Summer Tips

20 Fun Ideas that Won't Break the Bank

20 Recipes for Homemade Art Supplies
25 Guilt Free Reasons For Eating Ice Cream

59 Fugal Family Fun Ideas

206 Ideas for Fun Activities

Affordable Outings for the Family

Bubble Recipes to Make at Home

Enjoy Eating Out without Busting the Budget

Family Fun on a Budget - Expanding Your Horizons

15 Inexpensive Dating Ideas

Avoid the Christmas Budgeting Blues

Budgeting for Couples: Living on One Income

Budgeting for Couples: Money Management After the Wedding

Can't Afford Dental Care?

Can Children Inherit Parent's Debts?

Can You Spare a Dime?

Cheap Dates For Every Stage Of Life

Divorcing Your Finances

Do You LOVE Me?

Financially Surviving Divorce

Help Your Children Manage Their Own Money

How to Have a Beautiful Wedding without Going Broke

How to Tip Restaurant Servers

Inheriting Debts

Investing for Children

Learning to Live on One Income

My Mother Gave Me More Than Her Name - Lemonade 101

Ordinary Moments Become Our Extraordinary Memories

Our Kids and Their Money

Returning to School

Raising Financial Whiz Kids

Save Your Money and Your Sanity

Senior Savvy: How to Protect Yourself as You Grow Older

Single Moms: How to Manage Your Money and Start Saving

Surviving the Temporary Absence of a Spouse and Father

Tips for De-STRESSing the Holidays

The Proverbs 31 Woman

Valentine's Day: Rekindle Your Passion

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