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DIY Easy Photo Magnets

Frugal Crafts and Homemade Gifts (featured column)
by Kristen Somerville

These are quick and easy personalized magnets using magnetic advertisements and your favorite photos.  These magnets come quite often in the new phone books or in junk mail. You can also get these at insurance offices, doctors offices, etc. I'm pretty sure they don't intend for their advertising to be covered up, but I appreciate their efforts just the same!

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Magnet business cards or advertisements (Or, get these business card size magnets at Amazon, they are just perfect for this craft!)

Craft glue or hot glue gun

Photos or pictures (I use pictures of my kids that are left over from portrait packets)



Pick a picture or photo that is about the same size as the magnet. Crop as necessary and glue it on. There you have it... in about one minute you have a personalized magnet that is (almost) free, easy and very cute.

More Ideas

You can use magnet tape if you don't have any of the advertising magnets available. Just cut to the size you need for your photo.

If you have left over 'Sweethearts' candy boxes from Valentine's Day these can be made into magnets. Just cut off the front of the box, cut out the center of the heart on the box, glue a picture of your child (or other significant individual) behind the heart so that the face is framed by the heart. Glue the candy box onto the magnet. Adorable!


These photo magnets can also be laminated if you want to preserve them for posterity. I just let them wear out and replace them with new pictures when I get new magnets.

Have fun and happy crafting!

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