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How to Make an Ombre Glass Vase with Repurposed Wine Bottle

Frugal Crafts and Homemade Gifts (featured column)
by Benetta Strydom

The completed glass vase

Home décor projects can add new color to a dull room, but they tend to be very costly. Follow this craft project to add a fresh look to a bedroom without breaking the bank in the process. Repurpose a wine bottle using hues of pink and white to create an ombré effect, and add the finishing touches with a vinyl transfer sticker. Display the bottle as is, or add some delicate flowers to the bottle. You can even adjust it to suit your décor needs by changing the colors, or by using a different type of vinyl sticker.

*  *  *


Clear glass wine bottle (in this case, a 375ml bottle was used)

Acrylic paint in the following colors: white, baby pink; watermelon and pale gold

Black vinyl transfer sticker of a birdcage

Black self-adhesive decorative paper lace tape

Quick-drying matt spray varnish



1. Wash the bottle and allow to dry upside down overnight. If necessary, use mineral turpentine to remove any glue residue from where the label was stuck.

2. Use the paintbrush to dab a thin, uneven layer of white paint all over the bottle. Apply paint all the way up to the top lip of the bottle, but do not paint the base of the bottle. Allow to dry thoroughly.

3. Dab a thin, uneven layer of baby pink paint over the bottom two thirds of the bottle and allow to dry thoroughly.

4. Now dab a thin, uneven layer of watermelon paint over the bottom third of the bottle and allow to dry thoroughly.

The ombré effect has been added

5. To protect the paint, spray a layer of quick-drying matt spray varnish over the bottle and allow to dry thoroughly.

6. Glue a strip of lace tape around the heel of the bottle, as well as around the neck just below the rim of the bottle.

A close-up of the decorative lace tape that was used

7. Follow the steps indicated on the sticker pack to transfer the sticker of the birdcage to the bottle.

8. Dab an uneven layer of pale gold paint below the bottom lace tape. Also add some paint to random areas of the lace. Allow to dry thoroughly.

9. Dab pale gold paint over the rim and top lip of the bottle, and again also add paint randomly to the lace.

Gold painted top and more decorative lace tape

10. Lightly brush some pale gold over the sticker and bottle parts behind the sticker.

11. Finish it off with another coat of spray varnish.

* * *

Copyright © 2015 by Benetta Strydom. All rights reserved.

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