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submitted by Richelle

Instead of giving your pet dog biscuits, which can be expensive and have no nutritional value, give Fido a carrot!

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We have a large black lab, who unfortunately has food allergies and cannot eat commercial dog biscuits. Instead he gets a whole carrot, and he loves it. The vet can't believe how beautiful his teeth are. Once a month for a real treat he gets a real bone from the local butcher at $1/bag it's a great bargain.

Editor's Note: I did some research and discovered that carrots are generally safe for dogs and this is indeed a great tip. If you are unsure if they are safe for your pet, please ask your veterinarian for advice. We always monitor our pets when we give them any type of treat, either from the kitchen or the store. Choking can be possible with just about anything they put in their mouth so supervision is important. Moderation is also key.  In other words, do NOT replace your pets regular dog food with a bowlful of carrots! ;o)

"Most dogs love carrots, and they are great snacks for your pet. They are low calorie foods, and are generally safe to feed healthy dogs. Carrots may be raw or cooked, depending on your dog's individual preference." - "Table Foods That Are Safe For Dogs" by Vetralabs Natural Animal Health.

The list of safe foods verified by Vetralabs include: Rice, Cooked Eggs, Carrots, Cheese, Peanut Butter (our dogs' favorite!), Berries (but NOT grapes), Chicken, Green Beans, Seedless Watermelon and Bananas.

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