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Thrifty Tips to Help you Save Money and Live a Better Life!

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Here's a peek at some of the WINNING TIPS we've featured in our free monthly ezine over the years:

* Money saving tip AND gift idea!!! 

All-Occasion Gift Frames

Another Perspective on Spending

Baby Food Jars: Gel Potpourri *

Baby Shower Gift Baskets *

Baby Showers on a Budget

Barter and Trade System

Barter, Swap, Trade

Best Way to Sell Used Books for Cash

Birthdays and Graduations: Parties on a Budget

Birthdays: Party Gifts for Kids *

Birthday: Party in a Backpack *

Bi-Weekly Bill Payments Online

Bookstore Night Out

Budget Friendly Office Parties

Bulk Food Prepping and Freezing for Busy Nights

Button Keepers

Buy and Save at the Repair Shop

Buying Meat from the Butcher

BYO: Bring Your Own Everything

Carpeting: How to Make a Large Rug for Your Room *

Cash Back Rewards

Cheaper Creamy Mac 'n Cheese

Cheap, Healthy, Safe Treats for Dogs

Checkbook Register in Excel

Check Your Receipt without Holding Up the Line

Children's Holiday Clothing

Children's Winter Clothing Extended Into Spring and Summer

Chocolate: When to Stock Up *

Christmas: Candle Meltdown Gifts *

Christmas: Nativity Printables for Kids *

Christmas: Wrapping Paper on a Budget *

Cleaning with Vinegar Vs. Scrubbing Bubbles®

Clearing Out Clutter - Clean and Declutter

Coloring Books Will Travel *

Compare Prices and Picture Your Savings

Compare Stores and Savings Online

Cookie or Pie of the Month Club *

Cooking Spray Oils

Coupons: How to Make a Coupon Organizer or Planner *

Coupons: Get Restaurant Coupons Online

Coupons: The Entertainment Coupon Book *

Craigslist: How to Get Free Stuff

Creative Storage for Food Leftovers and Lunch Boxes

Date Night on a Budget

Day Tripping

Decorating: Clean and Save

Decorating: With Christmas Cards

Dental Schools

Department Store Credit Cards

Direct Billing: No More Late Fees

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Change Can

Duck Bread

Envelope Budgeting: Making it Fun

Floral Potted Gifts *

Flower Delivery

Food Pantry Organizing a Win-Win

Free Ebooks: Where to Find Them

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FreeCycle: Give and Get Free Stuff

Free Facebook Group Want Ads

Free Gift Cards and Rewards *

Free Magazines and Nearly Free Clothes *

Free Party Hairstyles and Frizzy Hair Fix

Free Stuff at the Library

Freezers and Meat Sales

Freezing Meals with Ease

Fruit and Jello Snack Cups

Gas Discounts

Gift Card Budgeting

Gone Fishing

Great Gift Kits for Kids and Free Book Swaps *

Groceries: Please visit our sister site GrocerySavingTips.com for hundreds of great tips to help you save money at the grocery store and even cut your food bill in half each month!

Gym Memberships vs. College Fitness Classes *

Holiday Family Photos *

Holiday Meals on a Budget

Holiday Shopping with Gift Cards

Homemade Air Fresheners *

Homemade Warmers *

Join the Club

Juice Box Leftovers

Junior League Thrift Shops

Keeping Bread Fresh

Keeping Household Items Safe

Kid Money

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Knitting Yarn Unraveled

Lemons, Limes and Other Citrus Fruits

Magazines for Half the Cost

Mini Pizza Kits to Go

Miracle Sponge Cleaners

Multi-Tasking Timers

Once-a-Month Shopping

Outlet Bakery Store Expiration Dates

Party Trays

Prepackaged Lunch Foods for Kids

Peddle Your Way to Savings

Planning Meals Ahead (and Crockpot Chicken)

Please Turn Off the...

Pooling Your Pantry

Price Matching Plus

Price Reductions

Quality Fabric Materials for Pennies *

Quilting Templates

Radio Gifts and Giveaways *

Recycle Papers for Better Use

Recycle Used Perfume and Cologne *

Recycle Washcloths

Recycle Water

Redbox DVD Movie Rentals

Ruined Fudge Fix

Samaritan's Purse Shoeboxes for Pennies

Save Money with Facebook

Save More Money by Shopping Here First

Savings for a Rainy Day

School Snacks for Children Going Without

Sell it All

Shampoo Refills

Simple Wedding Dress Improved

Sofa Seat Cushions: How to Replace

Sports Equipment for Kid*

Stain Remover: Hydrogen Peroxide

Start a Budget Club with Friends

Stuffed Pumpkins

Squeeze the Makeup Savings

The "Spare Change" Challenge

Think Before You Throw

Those Little Extras at the Grocery Store

Thrift Stores Buy and Sell Clothing

Thrift Stores Coupons and Sales

Thrifty White Boards *

Triple Shaving Savings

Tortilla Chips at Home

Tricky Savings  *

Used Dryer Sheets

Vacations: How to Travel with Food

Vacations: Volunteer at Organic Farms

Wedding Reception Savings

Wedding Savings from Start to Finish

Wedding Shower Table Centerpiece Gifts *

Wine Box Liners

Winter Heat Cost Cutting

Zoo Membership Savings *

*  *  *

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