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Freezers and Meat Sales

Money Saving Tip of the Month (featured column)
submitted by Sue Skaggs of West Virginia

My husband and I have 8 children and live on a single income by choice. We decided to invest in 2 upright freezers (both on sale and with rebates) so we could stretch our grocery dollars. That was one of the wisest investments we have made.

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My money saving tip is this: Go to your local grocery store (my husband will do this 2-3 times per week on his way home from work) and check out their markdown meats, vegetables, breads and milk.
Approximately 85%-90% of the meat, vegetables and bread items we buy are marked down.  He brings it home, then we transfer everything to freezer bags, mark dates and freeze.

Vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, green peppers, etc., and some fruits (apples, berries, etc.) as well as bread and milk can be frozen for future use.

Some fruits and vegetables may have to be sliced and frozen in single layers on a cookie sheet or be blanched before placing in freezer bags and dated.

This has helped us tremendously to stretch our food budget and gives us a variety from which to choose practically year round.

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Editor's Note: Most of us are familiar with freezer savings but the reason we chose this tip as our winner is because of the extra effort this family makes to #1, make several trips to the store each week to pick up the meats that have been marked down (that are only available in limited quantities each day) and #2, the husband does the shopping on the way home from work so there are no extra travel costs!

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