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Christmas Nativity Printables for Kids

Money Saving Tip of the Month (featured column)
submitted by Vivian

Hi, I am Brazilian and found it amazing to get so many great and cheap ideas at BetterBudgeting. Congratulations for the excellent work!  I've tried some of the ideas and my family really loved them. I'd also like to share an idea with you.

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In my home, we cherish the true idea of Christmas and dedicate a lot to telling the Nativity story to the children; we even make a special birthday cake to Jesus every year. But this year we had a great idea to gather all the family around the kitchen table on Sundays preparing a special - and so very cheap! - Nativity set.

I got printables on the internet for a complete Nativity set and each one in the family helped color it. We used colored pencils, crayons, craft glue and glitter and everything else the children found nice.

After coloring the parts, we glued them on cardboard and cut out the edges. Now, they are ready to be taped to a wall in the living room, which we prepared specially for that this year. During the month of December we are going to tell the story about the birth of Jesus Christ from the angel visiting Mary through their leaving to Egypt after the baby was born.

In order to catch the little ones attention, we'll divide the story in "chapters" based on the Holy Scriptures (Luke and Matthew) every day and keep the scene taped to the wall so that on Christmas Eve the whole story is told and the wall is fully decorated.

That cost me only the printing (paper and printer ink), because all the rest we had at home. I believe this will make our Christmas really special, for the whole family has been engaged on making the decoration. And, better off, we have spent precious moments together coloring, singing and having fun.

These are some nice links to printable nativity sets I found. But a simple search on the web will give you lots of choices.

Printable Nativity Sets


Editor's Note: I have checked out all three of these web pages and they are great, the first one has an annoying pop up ad but other than that, all three have some very nice printable coloring pages for the Nativity. We even printed out 4 pages for our children!

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