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Free Magazines and Nearly Free Clothes

Money Saving Tip of the Month (featured column)
submitted by Susan Helber

My neighbor and I shop thrift stores on the half price days. We go around to peruse and talk to the people at the counter and find out when the sales are for three or four nearby stores. Then we only shop on the half price days.

*  *  *

I am wearing a fully lined gorgeous wool skirt right now that cost $2.00. Since it is winter, I shop for spring right now and gradually amass some nice summer things and get them cleaned or wash them and press them. No worries! The $1.00 white cotton eyelet Talbot’s blouse is waiting for me all sparkling clean in my closet. Don’t go overboard! Only buy quality and your size and just a few. You may only need a great beige or khaki or white linen skirt from a real store and a pair of nice new flats from a real store to complete your outfits.

In spring and fall shop for the sweaters and really go thru them and try them on. You only need at most, three.

I caught my neighbor buying old magazines at the thrift store for .59 cents and put a stop to it. I keep a large water tight lidded container on my front porch that has neat stacks of clean magazines in it that I have saved. She can borrow from my magazine storage container and read any time she feels like it, for FREE!

These are magazines from the past 10 years. Some I subscribed to and some people gave me. For instance, I subscribed to Martha Stewart for a few years. Domino for awhile (it went out of business). Georgia Gardening for awhile. I also have quilting magazines and seed catalogs. And a few Family Circle, Woman's Day and others from the super market.

The only magazine I subscribe to now is one I read from cover to cover and keep inside. It's like BH&G but for England. I keep it no matter what and never put it out in the box. Some of the magazines I have for loan are also ones close friends have given to me, also for free.

When I head to the airport I grab six of them to read on the trip. I used to buy four or five at the newsstand waiting for flights. I save easily $25.00 a trip now doing this and since I usually visit my sister I trade my six for four of hers for the trip back.

*  *  *

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