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Clearing Out Clutter

Money Saving Tip of the Month (featured column)
submitted by Betsy West of Virginia

Tip Topic: Cleaning and Organizing

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Hi Michelle, I like the current Money Saving Tip topic! I'm working on clearing out clutter and making extra cash by holding a yard sale. Here's how I'm doing it:

1. I've picked two dates in the late summer and early fall -- one for the yard sale and one as a rain date.

2. I've listed out all of the rooms and closets in our house and made a written schedule of when I'll go through each one (between January and early summer). Last year I thought I'd do one of those 31 day clean-out challenges I've seen on so many blogs and YouTube videos, but it was too much for me. Doing one room or closet per week is working much better for my schedule.

3. I set aside children's and maternity items (clothes, toys, etc) that are in excellent condition that will yield a higher price at a consignment event or on Craigslist or a Facebook buy/sell group. I have a few other specialty or high-value items that I sell that way too.

4. Everything else, I price for the yard sale (with low prices that will attract buyers). These priced items go in a box. I tape shut and label the box "Ready for Yard Sale" when it's full. Sealed boxes are stacked in the garage, and then I move to filling the next box. Come yard sale weekend, I will just have to unpack the boxes of my ready-to-sell "inventory." Having the boxes sealed keeps it neat, organized, and all of us from being tempted to pull things back out. If we haven't missed it in months, it can definitely be sold!

We use the proceeds from selling things we no longer want/need for financial goals on which we are particularly focused which is really motivating to clean out our house!

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