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How To Replace Old Sofa Seat Cushions

Money Saving Tip of the Month (featured column)
submitted by Brandy Vadala

Our living room sofa was getting pretty worn out and not presentable. The frame of the sofa was fine, but the seat cushions were collapsing in on themselves. I wanted to replace the sofa as inexpensively as possible, not for vanity's sake. I just wanted it to be decent enough for company.

*  *  *

After searching through Craig's List and looking at discount furniture stores, I realized it would cost at least $400 to replace the couch. And that would be with a product of unknown quality, which would probably break down in a few year's time.

I looked online for ways to replace the seat cushions, since they were the "broken" part of the couch. I found several tutorials online on how to replace the couch cushions. My couch cushions have a zipper in back, which saved me a lot of time!

I ordered new upholstery foam online, they even cut it to order. It cost $150, but when you consider the overall price of a new couch, it's much less. Remember to order cushions 1" larger than needed so they will make a "plump" cushion. Follow the instructions online on how to get the new cushions in place. It only took me about 20 minutes, it was very easy.

Once I put the new cushions in place I was shocked at how firm and comfortable they seemed. I have a feeling our couch will be good for at least 5 more years. Which makes me happy, because we can spend our hard-earned money on other necessary items!

When finished, hold on to the old cushions, they make excellent "fort" walls for children with imaginations!

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