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Redbox DVD Movie Rentals

Money Saving Tip of the Month (featured column)
submitted by Michelle in California

My husband and I love to watch movies at home. With a baby on the way, and only one income, it has been difficult to justify renting a DVD for $4.99.

*  *  *

We often also rent movies through the library (FREE), but the most current releases are not always available. We came across a Redbox in our local supermarket while we were shopping. This is like an in-store movie rental kiosk. They rent movies and video games too.

They offer current release movies for $1.50 a day; plus tax. The best part is, when you go to their website Redbox and sign up, they will send you a code for a free one-day movie.

Currently, they have free movie Mondays (given through a special code that is text messaged to you). What's great about this is Mondays can be family night or a date night for wife and hubby. When you go to the site, it will also tell you where the Redbox locations are in your area and if the movie you want is in stock. This will save on gas as well!

In order to get a free rental, go to the website and click on "Get a free rental" near the top of this page. This will take you to a page to sign up for two things: 1) sign up to join the e-mail network to get one free rental and 2) sign up to join the SMS network (text messaging) to get free movie Mondays. Recently they had a promotion for free movie Wednesdays in addition to free movie Mondays, though the Wednesday free movies is over now.

I'm not sure if this is the norm since I joined not too long ago. These offers may change over time. In order to use the promotion codes, make sure you don't reserve a movie or forget to submit the code BEFORE checking out at a Redbox, otherwise they will charge you instead. Also, their email is great. Only about one email a week with the latest movies out.

Redbox is like a vending machine to rent movies!

*  *  *

Editor's Note: Our family enjoys watching movies at home too. In addition to renting movies through Redbox, give the Netflix service a try. It's fantastic!

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