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Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Change Can

"Pay it Forward" Tip of the Month
by Marilyn McMillan

My son, Adam, taught me the power of the change can (he used a small canister, instead of a jar). When he was younger, he decided he was going to save his change. I thought, “Oh, how cute. He’s saving his pennies!”

*  *  *

Cute is one thing. Smart is even better. Adam had saved about half a can (about the size of a quart mason jar) when he said he was ready to “cash in.” So we went to the store and tossed his change into one of the kiosk “change counter” machines. After his quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies were tallied, the clerk handed over $45!

As they say, that day changed my life.

Now, I have my own change can (it really is safer than a glass jar) and when filled with silver (I spend pennies and save only silver), I have cashed in almost $200!

I love to dive and my change can is virtually a painless way of helping to fund my dive trips. What can I say? I like to dive in clear water, so travel is definitely involved.

Another quick tip about saving your change...

I belong to the State Credit Union and they don’t charge a high administrative fee that the counters in the grocery stores do. So I end up keeping more of my hard-saved coin.

*  *  *

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