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Extending Children's Winter Wear Into Spring and Summer

Money Saving Tip of the Month (featured column)
submitted by Angela Beckham

My family lives in Minnesota a place where it seems you have to get new clothes for each season. The kids need long sleeves for Winter and short sleeves for summer. I couldn't stand spending more money on new clothes come spring because I knew that when next winter rolled around the new Winter clothes that I had just bought would most likely be too snug and not fit properly.

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So here is my money saving tip...

If you have a sewing machine put it to good use!

Take those long sleeved winter shirts and cut the sleeves off, if you can sew a semi-straight line you have a brand new t-shirt for the spring and summer. If you don't like the way your sewing edges look cover it with some inexpensive lace or trim.

Now is the perfect time to stock up on clearance items left over from winter; you can get long sleeved shirts for as little at $2.00 at some department stores. I myself just picked up jeans for my daughter for $3.00, the bottoms were cuffed in faux fur (not something you'd want in the summer), but I cut the fur off and trimmed it up. Now she has a very cute pair of Capri's that are perfect for spring and summer weather.

Give it a try, get creative and let your kids help pick out some of the in-expensive trimmings and they will be so excited to wear their winter clothes into the spring and summer with style. And you will be happy knowing you didn't just spend a ton of money on new spring/summer outfits.

Now, my kids get almost 10-11 months wear out of their so-called "Winter Wardrobes" before they outgrow them!

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