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Outlet Bakery Store Expiration Dates

Money Saving Tip of the Month (featured column)
submitted by Maria of Brooklyn, New York

I have discovered thrift bakeries to be a great money saver!

*  *  *

I usually buy from Entenmann's Bakery Outlet store where I can purchase cakes 3 for $5.00. These cakes usually sell for $3.99 each. There are many kinds of cakes available like cheesecake, cinnamon buns, etc.

Also, they usually have at least one type of cake for $1.00.  Cookies range from 6 boxes for $5.00 and specials for $1.00 a box.

What's the catch? You must look at the expiration dates!

These dates run from a week to 10 days away from the expiration dates. They are still good. I have gone to supermarkets and grocery stores where they sell these cakes with the same freshness dates for full price.

As an added bonus, when I'm having company or visiting someone I buy these treats and everybody thinks I'm very generous.

Also, Hostess Thrift Bakery sells large family size bread 3 for $2.00. They also sell other breads. The expiration dates have not been reached yet.

I would recommend these thrift bakery outlets to families who don't want to pay full price for anything, like me.

Sometimes they also carry other items as well, like milk, juice, etc.

*  *  *

Editor's Note: While many people may already know about the great savings available at thrift bakeries (I have frequently visited them myself during the summer months - when we had a house full of children home from school - that could easily go through an entire loaf of bread in one day), buying extra items for hostess gifts is such a lovely idea. You ARE very generous Maria, and thank you for this great tip!

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