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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Cocoa

Submitted by Ezperanza and Julian Dodge of New Mexico

Sparkly hot cocoa on a winter's day

"Sparkly Hot Cocoa on a Winter's Day"

Winter time is a wonderful season to bring families together. After a fun-filled day of making snow angels or having a snowball fight, everyone comes inside to get toasty. As the fireplace blazes, hot cocoa is made on the stove. Top it with whip cream and sprinkles and you got yourself the perfect holiday beverage.

My son and I love having hot cocoa during the colder months. If we are at home, we can make it ourselves and get creative with the ingredients, adding whip cream, sprinkles and marshmallows. While out on the go, Starbucks can be a fun treat, especially with a chocolate chip cookie.

We wanted to recreate one of our favorite holiday season traditions of sippin' hot cocoa by making miniature hot cocoa ornaments. It was surprisingly much simpler than we thought it would be and quite fun too! Here's how we did it:

Items needed:

Ask the Starbucks barista for free sample cups (or just use those little bathroom cups you may already own)

coffee cup sleeve
cushion foam or cotton balls
brown or black glitter glue
gold glitter
Sharpie (optional)

Sparkly hot cocoa on a winter's day 2


Drizzle glue on the inside bottom of the sample cup and around the inside sides

Stuff the foam inside, leaving a small amount fluffing up outside the rim

Cut your sleeve in half, lengthwise, paying extra attention not to cut off the mermaid's face, if using a Starbucks sleeve. Adjust the length to fit snug around the cup, then tape around the cup.

For fun, try matching the mermaid's face on the sleeve to match her crown on the cup. See the photo above to see what I mean.

Cut your straw in half or smaller and stick it in the foam. No need to glue down, unless it feels loose.

Drizzle on glitter glue.

Sparkly hot cocoa on a winter's day 3

Sprinkle gold glitter on top.

Loop a ribbon and tape it to the back of the cup.


Write your name on the cup, like the barista does, just for fun!

Hang on the tree and enjoy!

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