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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Newspaper Tree

Submitted by Benetta Strydom of South Africa

Newspaper Christmas tree

"Newspaper Christmas Tree"

Make thrift decorations to celebrate this festive season! Turn old newspapers into a Christmas tree. Cover the tree with baby green wool and add some decorations for the necessary bling, and your tree will be ready! Make one, make two, make three, or keep making trees until you have run out of newspaper. You can even make trees of different heights to make a more interesting display.


old newspapers
1 ball baby green double knitting wool
one unglazed terracotta flower pot
60” of 1” wide red and gold Christmas ribbon
red Christmas bead garland
small round 10mm multi-faceted colorless beads
sewing pins with colored heads
red 15mm sized pom-poms
small wooden angel
red and silver stars
small garden pebbles
hot glue gun and glue sticks
quick-drying craft glue (such as Bostik Clear)
standard scissors
packaging tape

Instructions for making the project:

shape newspaper into cone

1. Roll the newspaper into a cone and use packaging tape to keep it in position.

cut bottom of tree straight

2. Use the scissors to trim the bottom even so that the cone will be able to stand on a surface.

tape bottom of tree

3. Scrunch pieces of newspaper into small balls and add to the inside of the cone, until the whole cone has been filled. This will make the tree sturdier. Use packaging tape to seal the bottom of the cone, so that the scrunched newspaper won’t come out again.

4. Use a piece of packaging tape to fix the one end of the wool to the bottom of the cone.

5. Wind the wool in a criss-cross pattern tightly all around the cone.

wind wool around cone

6. Continue winding the wool all around the cone until you reach the end of the wool. Use a small piece of packaging tape to fix the end of the wool to the bottom of the cone again.

7. Hot glue the one end of the ribbon to the pot and wrap the ribbon all around the pot. Once the pot has been covered, cut off the remaining ribbon and hot glue the second end of the ribbon to the pot.

8. Fill the pot with small garden pebbles to add some weight to the pot.

9. Hot glue the tree to the pot and allow to dry thoroughly before continuing with the next step.

10. Use the remaining ribbon to make a bow and hot glue it to the pot.

11. Wind the bead garland around the tree and secure the ends with the glue gun.

12. Use the beads to add Christmas baubles to the tree ~ pin them to the cone using some of the sewing pins.

13. Use the craft glue to glue the stars and pom-poms in place.

glue angel to top of tree

14. Finish it off by gluing the angel to the top of the tree.

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