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Homemade Halloween Costumes: Starbucks Coffee

Submitted by Susan C. of Ohio

Starbucks coffee costumes

"3 Starbucks Happy Camper Frappes"

We went camping with our friends at their favorite campground over Halloween weekend. We knew the campground was having a costume contest so I decided to make our family into Starbuck Frappes. It was my own original idea so I just worked without a pattern to create the costumes and adjusted as I went along to make them comfortable for the girls. Everyone loved them and I was a happy camper, pun intended!

Items needed:

3 small hula hoops
2 yds of 72" tan felt
2 yds of 72" white felt
2 yds of white grosgrain ribbon (approx.)
2 foam pool noodles, cut in half
1/2 yd of 72" green felt
Coffee logos
White embroidery floss and needle
Hot glue gun and gluesticks
Aprons, white hoodies, optional


1. Measure the circumference of the hoop and buy enough tan felt to go around adding an extra 2" to overlap in the back. After cutting the tan felt’s circumference from the felt length, measure the girls from the shoulders down to their feet for length, adding 6" to allow for gluing to the hoop. You can trim any extra afterwards. (For the 2 smaller costumes I was able to cut the remainder of the felt, after making the largest costume, in half lengthwise and it was long enough for them.)

2. Hot glue the felt circumference measurement edge lengthwise covering the hoop all around the top. Then overlap the 2" and glue that down to make the back seam. (I didn’t cut armholes for the costumes because these were used for a walking parade, but you could easily do that after they’re assembled.

3. To hold the hoop in place on the shoulders, measure from the front to back of the hoop, mark the spots, make a small crosswise slit at each spot and cut the grosgrain ribbon long enough to pull through the slits in the front and back, and knot them around the hoop. (After checking for placement, you may have to cross the ribbons, but I put them very close together, leaving room for their heads to slip through, so they wouldn’t slip off. I didn't think the hot glue would be strong enough to hold it with all the movement.)

4. For the white felt "whipped cream", use about 1.5 times the hoop circumference for length and cut it 12" wide. Overlap and glue the short ends together to make a circle of felt and then use a heavy needle and embroidery floss to tack it to the hoop in the back, front and on the 2 sides. Then scrunch the felt every so often to give it that gathered look and tack it to the tan felt near the hoop, all around the hoop so the white felt stays near the top.

5. For each straw, measure the green felt around the noodle half, adding a couple of inches or so to overlap for the seam and the ends. Glue the seam and cover the ends. Then put the straw down inside the hoop far enough to pin them onto the child’s white hoody to make it stand up securely.

6. For the logo, I found a website where you could customize the coffee logo and used our last name and the 3 sizes of coffee for our girls' logos (tall, grande, and venti).

7. We went to our local Starbucks and asked to have/borrow the aprons and they obliged, but we had to return them afterwards.

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