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Easy Elegant Sand Candle Holders

Frugal Crafts and Homemade Gifts (featured column)
Submitted by Lisa M. Maloney

Easy elegant sand candle holders

Candles are an easy way to decorate and fine gifts to give, but finding attractive candle holders at bargain prices can be difficult. Why not create your own candle holders for use as unique occasionals and distinctive gifts?

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Items needed:

Dishes or glass containers
Sand (one or more colors)
Optional embellishments (pebbles, crystals, coins)


1. Make sure the dish or glass container you've selected is clean and dry.

2. Fill the dish or glass to within 1/2" of its rim with clean, dry sand.

3. You can make patterns with different colored sand by pouring the sand into individual plastic baggies, then cutting the tip off a baggie and drizzling sand into the bowl through the hole - much like frosting a cake. The bigger the hole the faster the sand will flow, so be careful!

4. Carefully seat your candle(s) in the sand. The candles should be at least 1" from the edge of your container and sit firmly in the sand so there's no danger of their tipping over.

5. Embellish as desired with bright, non-flammable objects like crystals, shells, beads or marbles placed in the sand. Imagination is your only limit. Make sure there is a little distance between these items and the candle flame; some of them might shatter unexpectedly when exposed to heat.

It's easy to create holiday themes in your candleholders by using color (red and green for Christmas, red white and blue for the Fourth of July, pastels for Easter, and so on) or holiday themed dishes.

The candles will, when lit, burn down to the sand and leave a bit of molten wax mixed into the sand. Once the leftover wax has cooled and hardened you should remove it before burning another candle in your holder. As always, never leave a burning candle unattended.

When you're ready to put the holders away or transport them, remove the candles and cover each dish tightly with saran wrap; they'll store indefinitely this way. Stack them carefully to avoid disturbing the sand if you've created multi-colored patterns.

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Copyright © 2010 by Lisa M. Maloney. All rights reserved.

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