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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Beaded Crystal Snowflake

Submitted by Lori Knowles

"Beaded Crystal Snowflake"

Items needed:

18mm acrylic crystal starflake beads (Some call it a paddle wheel bead)
8mm acrylic crystal faceted round beads
8mm dark ruby acrylic faceted round beads
Tinsel Stems (pipe cleaners) in "Iridescent"
You will need a pair of wire cutters, because after stringing the beads, you will need to cut the excess tinsel stem off.


First, cut two tinsel stems in half. You will only be using 3 pieces, however, you can save the 4th piece for the next snowflake you make. Twist all three pieces of tinsel stem (pipe cleaners) together. Pinch in the middle with needle nose pliers. I bought my tinsel stem at Wal-Mart, in the craft section.

I would suggest using the iridescent color, because it gives the acrylic beads a real "sparkle" when the Christmas lights hit the ornament. I've experimented with gold and silver tinsel stem and found it just doesn't do the trick.

String beads in the following order on each stem:

8 mm round crystal
11 mm crystal tri bead
8 mm round colored bead
18 mm starflake
11 mm crystal tri bead
18 mm starflake crystal
8 mm round colored bead

Then, cut off excess tinsel stem at the end and add a dab of Aileen's clear gel tacky glue to the last part and cap off with the last bead.

Glue an 18mm crystal starflake in the center on both sides with a generous blob of Aileen's clear gel tacky glue. Do one side at a time and allow to dry overnight for each side.  

I used white carpet thread tied on the top for a hanger. The thread slips in between the beads, so it's not seen. You can also use beading thread in gold or silver.

I purchased my beads at a craft store online but you can also easily find these beads at Michael's and Walmart.

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