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1st Annual Homemade Christmas Ornaments Contest

Each year we celebrate a frugal Christmas season at BetterBudgeting by featuring our crafty members' homemade ornaments. The creative ideas they come up with are budget friendly, often recycling items from around the home, and quite simply, WONDERFUL! Whether you're searching for an inexpensive gift idea, special ornaments to make for your family and friends, or a fun holiday craft project to keep the kids busy during Christmas break, we hope you'll enjoy our delightful homemade ornaments.

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This year's winning ornaments include "Birds in a Pot" made with clay pots, "Reindeer Lightbulbs" with recycled lightbulbs, and "Fan Folded Ribbon Angel" made with lace. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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Featured Submissions

Beaded crystal snowflake ornaments

"Beaded Crystal Snowflakes"

Christmas card ball ornaments

"Christmas Card Ball Ornament"

Additional Submissions


"Cotton Ball Angel"

"Pasta Angel Ornament"

"Seashell Angel"

"Antique Crackle Santa"

Ball Ornaments

"Braided Ball Ornaments"

"Fabric Scrap Ball"

"Floral Rosette Ball Ornament"

"Gold Button Ornament"

"Paper Ball Ornament"

Bird Ornaments

"Snow Bird"

Candy Canes

"Candy Cane Heart Ornament"

"Lace Candy Canes"

"Christmas Mushroom"

"Christmas Teacups"

"Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies"

Christmas Tree Stars

"Christmas Tree Stars"

Clothespin Doll

"Clothespin Doll"

Clothespin Geisha

"Clothespin Geisha"

Craft Stick Ornaments

"Craft Stick Ornaments"

Cross Stitch Ornaments

"Cross-Stitch Ornaments"

Gourd Ornaments

"Dried Gourds - Snow Trio"

Family Memory Ornaments

"Family Sentiments Ornament"

Farm Tractor Ornament

"Farm Tractor"

Beaded Gingerbread Man Ornament

"Gingerbread Man"

Lamb or Sheep Ornaments

"I Wish 'Ewe' a Very Merry Christmas"

Knitted Felt Ornaments

"Knitted Felt Ornaments"

Beaded Star Ornament

"Midnight Star - Beads"

Monogram Ornaments

"Monogram Ornaments"

Scrapbook Paper Ornaments

"Oval Paper Ornaments"

Pine Cone Ornaments1

"Pine Cone Ornament"


Family Keepsake Ornaments

"Family Keepsake Ornaments"

Paper Mache Ornaments

"Papier-Mâché Christmas Wreath"

Personalized Photo Ornaments

"Personalized Photo Ornament"

Christmas Wreath Ornaments

"Sparkling Christmas Wreath"

Winter Photo Sled Ornaments

"Winter Photo Sleds - Popsicle Sticks"

Pie Plate Ornaments

"Pie Plate Ornaments"

Princess Dress Ornaments

"Princess Dress on a Hanger"

Puzzle Wreath Ornaments

"Puzzle Wreath"


Jingle Bell Reindeer Ornaments

"Jingle Bell Reindeer - Brown Paper Bag"

Puzzle Piece Reindeer Ornaments

"Puzzle Reindeer"

Reindeer Glass Ornaments

"Reindeer Glass Ball Ornament"

Reindeer Light Bulb Ornaments 2

"Reindeer Light Bulb Ornaments 2"

Ribbon Pinecone Ornaments

"Ribbon Pinecone Ornament"


Cinnamon Stick Santa Ornaments

"Cinnamon Stick Santa"

Santa Claus Light Bulb Ornaments

"Santa Clause Vanity Light Bulb Ornament"

Shredded Wheat Wreath Ornament

"Shredded Wheat Wreath"


Beaded Snowflakes

"Beaded Snowflakes"

Glittery Snowflake Ornaments

"Glittery Snowflakes"

Paper Snowflakes

"Paper Snowflakes"


Snowman Lightbulbs 1

"Bulb Snowmen"

Canning Lid Snow Kids

"Canning Lid Snow Kid"

Fabric Snowman Ornaments

"Fabric Snowman"

Glass Snowman Ornaments

"Glass Snowman"

Snowmen Glass Ball Ornaments

"Snowmen Glass Balls"

Snowman Measuring Cups

"Snowman Measuring Cup"

Sparkling Pinecone Ornaments

"Sparkling Pinecones"

Star Book Ornaments

"Star Book"

The Christmas Spider

"The Christmas Spider"

Toy Sled Ornaments

"Toy Sleds"

Wood Christmas Ornaments

"Wooden Christmas Ornaments"

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