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2nd Annual Homemade Christmas Ornaments Contest

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This year's winning ornaments include "String Nativity Scene" made with string or crochet thread, "Christmas Egg" with real eggs, and "Bee an Angel" made with pure beeswax. Thank you to everyone who participated!

1st Place2nd Place3rd Place

Featured Submissions

Child handprint ornaments

"Frosty Fingers Handprint"

Mom's bead necklace ornaments

"Mama's Wreath"

Additional Submissions


Cat angel pom poms

"Angel Cat Pom Poms"

Crochet thread and ribbon angel

"Beautiful Angel Ornament"

Angel tree topper

"Fuzzy Angel"

Memory glass ornaments

"Mini-Glass Treasures"

Pasta angel ornaments

"Pasta Angel"

Pasta angel ornaments 2

"Pasta Angels 2"

Wire star angels

"Wood-N-Wire Star Angel"

Ball Ornaments

Coiled paper ornaments

"Coiled Fun"

Dallas cowboys ornaments

"Dallas Cowboys Elf"

Photos and handprints

"Don't Forget Me! Glass Ornament"

Friendship santa hat

"Friendship Santa Hat"

Patchwork Christmas ball ornaments

"Patchwork Christmas Ball"

Foil cookie cutter shapes

"Bling for Your Tree"

Button candy canes

"Button Candy Cane"

Small boxes

"Box of Love Ornament"

Melted candy ornaments

"Candy Christmas Treat Trimmings"

Baby Jesus and walnut ornaments

"Christmas in a Nutshell"

Decorative paper ornaments

"Christmas Paper Poinsettia"

Crochet gingerbread man

Crochet: "The Gingerbread Man"

Cross Stitch

Cross stitch ornaments

"Country Christmas Cross Stitch"

Cross stitch heart ornament

"Heart of Love"

Child footprint dough ornaments

"Footprint (Child) Dough Ornaments"

Hickory nut ornaments

"Forever Flowers"

Handprint wreath

"Handprint Wreath"

Handprint tree

"Handy Growing Christmas Tree"

Gift box ornaments

"Hollyday Gift Ornament"

Jingle bell ornaments

"Jingle Bells"

Christmas card ornaments

"Kids' Delight Christmas Card Ornament"

Gingerbread family ornaments

"Measuring the Gingerbread"

Glass bead ornaments

"My Sparkly Kyle"

Star of Bethlehem ornament

"Swing Beneath Bethlehem's Star"

Nut critter ornaments

"Nuts About Christmas: Beaver"

Nut critters panda ornament

"Nuts About Christmas: Panda"

Nut critters penguin ornament

"Nuts About Christmas: Penguin"

Paintbrush santa ornament

"Paintbrush Santa"


Personalized photo cd ornament

Illuminated memory photo ornaments

"Illuminated Memory Ornament"

Personalized monogram ornaments

"Whose Is This?"

Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle pieces ornaments 1

"Puzzle Piece Ornaments"

Puzzle piece wreath ornaments

"Puzzle Wreath Ornament"

"Redneck Christmas Tree"


"Clothespeg-Clothespin Reindeer"

"Popsicle Reindeer"

"Salt Dough Christmas Scene"


Walnut shell mini-snowman


"Prescription for a Warm Heart Snowman"

"Snowman Light Bulb Ornament"

"Snowman Friends"

"Snow Slatemen"

"Sock Snowman"

"Treasure Snowman"

"Soldier Man"

"Spool Christmas Tree Ornament"

"Decorative Paper Stars"

"Lacy Paper Star Ornament"

"Martha Stewart's Glitter Star"

"Ribbon Star of Wonder"

"Sparkling Web Star"

"Stolen from the Scrapbook Ornaments"

"Trash to Treasure Wood Scroll Ornaments"

"Three Wise Men Egg Carton Ornament"

"TriSARAtops Ornament"

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