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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Wire Star Angel

Submitted by Tami Weage of Colorado

Wire star angel ornaments 1

"Wood-N-Wire Star Angel"

I have begun the tradition of making holiday ornaments for all of my numerous grandchildren each year. As they grow and move out on their own, each will have the beginnings of his/her ornament collection.


1 - 7" wood star
1 - 3 ½" wood star
5 - 1 3/8" wood stars  
10 - 10" bamboo skewers
1 - 2" unbreakable Christmas ball
1 yard 1/4" wide satin ribbon
1 yard 2 ½" wide wire-edged ribbon
5 - 6 feet jewelry spool wire


hot glue gun and glue sticks
electric drill with 1/8" and 3/8" bits
rubber bands


With 1/8" bit, drill hole 1/4" in from edge of large star at each point and indentation. Angle each hole slightly inward toward center of star, and do not go all the way through the base star.

Hold sharp tips of 5 skewers together lightly with rubber band. Hold tips at center above large star, and glue other ends into the holes drilled at the star indentations. Glue tips together and remove rubber band. Glue remaining 5 skewers into holes, gluing each sharp tip at gathered top of other skewers.

Glue ornament to top of skewers, inserting skewer tips into hanger opening.

Uncoil wire slightly, wrap loosely several times around skewers, securing with a loop at top and bottom of angel body. Glue one small star at base of each outside skewer, securing bottom wire loop behind each one.

With 3/8" bit and holding tip of bit lightly against the wood, drill center of 3 ½" star PARTWAY through at center. Use this curved indentation to securely glue star to top of angel head, with a point of the star at what will be center front, tipping slightly toward back, and lining up with base so that one point of base is also at center front.

Tie wide wire-edged ribbon around neck in bow with long tails and arrange loops into angel wings on back. Tie satin ribbon around neck and tie in front with long tails.

(All materials for this project were purchased at Walmart. Base star was sold separately, and all others came in a packaged selection of wooden star shapes.)

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