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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Crochet Thread and Ribbon

Submitted by Melissa Auxier of Michigan

Crochet thread and ribbon angel 1

"Beautiful Angel Ornament"

My Aunt made three of these angels for me many years ago and they have always been my favorite ornaments. I made some revisions and created some of my own for gift this Christmas.


5 x 7 block of wood from Wal-mart craft section
Crochet thread size 3 or 5 (3 works the best)
1 1/2 inch size ribbon for wings
string of beads
white floral tape
glue gun
1/8 inch ribbon to coordinate with wings
1 inch wooden balls for head


First you will wrap crochet thread around the block of wood using the 7" side. Wrap 150 times. Carefully slip the crochet thread off the wood. Cut a piece of crochet thread about 10 inches long and tie where the crochet thread was wound, this will form the top of the head. Use the rest of the string as a hanger, by tying it together. Insert the wooden ball between the crochet thread at one end. I use a comb to make it look nice, then cut a piece of string about 10 inches long. Tie this underneath the ball, thus enclosing it in crochet thread. I usually tie it once in the front and then twice in the back.

Next wrap crochet thread around the 5" side of the wood, wrap around 50 times, these will be your arms. Carefully take it off the wood. Cut 2 pieces of crochet thread about 4 inches long, tie them around both ends of the wound crochet thread, making hands. Slide the hands through the body, make them even on both sides. Cut a piece of crochet thread about 10 inches, tie it under the arms, forming the body. Glue the hands together in the center front. Next, cut the bottom, so that you have a nice even dress, so to speak. Next I form a heart and halo by wrapping wire around a string of beads and form both of them and wrapping with the floral tape before gluing them both on. Lastly, cut a length of ribbon for the wings, I think I did approximately 10-12 inches. Tie it in a bow and glue onto the back of the angel.

You can personalize by using different color crochet threads and different color ribbons.

Crochet thread and ribbon angel 2

Crochet thread and ribbon angel 3

Crochet thread and ribbon angel 4

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