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Homemade Christmas Ornaments: Memory Glass

Submitted by Christine M. of Rochester, New York

Memory glass ornaments 1

"Mini-Glass Treasures"

I'm a single mom with wonderful 12 year old daughter. I'm truly feeling the effects of the current economy, as much of us are. Your website has been a wonderful find for me and am always referring to it for money saving ideas and have used several of the frugal recipes.

I decided that I really wanted to find things I could create for a small amount of money but would be special. I have to say that for someone who's a self described "non-crafty" person, these little ornaments turned out pretty cute.


I found all of these supplies at Michael's craft store.

Memory Glass or microscope slides like in science class (they come in several sizes, I used 1 1/2" x 1 1/2")
Sticky Tape (1/4") roll
Adhesive (tape)
Cardstock paper
Ink pad and rubber stamps, to stamp image on cardstock paper (you could also use a photo, picture from book or magazine, any image will work)
Ribbon, cord or wire (for ornament hanger)
Microbeads or glitter (to edge and seal sides)

Memory glass ornaments 2


1. Stamp any image you like on cardstock (fill in with colored pencils, markers, glitter).

2. Take one of the memory glass pieces and lay over top of stamped image, trace the outside of glass and then trim paper to fit under the glass.

3. Apply adhesive to back side of stamped image, and place cord or ribbon loop on adhesive making sure it's well secured.

4. "Sandwich" the image between two pieces of the memory glass.

5. Apply the sticky strip to all four sides of the glass making sure to center the tape so some of it will wrap to the other side, sealing the two pieces of glass together.

6. Peel off the protective red film and cover exposed tape with the micro beads or glitter.

Hang it on your tree and you're done!

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